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Transfer credits

Current students

Taking external credits

While completing a degree in the Faculty of Arts and Science, a student may wish to take a course, or courses, at a Quebec institution or at another university outside of the province or country. Students may choose to do so for a variety of reasons (different course offerings, experience at another school, closeness to home, etc). In all cases, courses chosen must count towards the program or the degree. Permission to transfer credits will only be given if this is the case. Prior permission to attend any institution is a must.

When choosing to take courses elsewhere, students must take into account Residence Requirement rules (16.2.2). Students must complete at least 50% of the program and degree at Concordia University. Normally, these are the last 45 credits.

Any request to transfer credits to your program, or degree, must be submitted in a timely manner. Ideally, this is done several weeks before courses starts (INTU) or in the term prior to your studies at a school outside Quebec.

Within Quebec (INTU – interuniversity)

To participate in the Inter-university (INTU) transfer process, a student in the Faculty of Arts and Science must have an assessment GPA of at least a 2.00 and at least 24 Concordia University credits on record.

To receive permission to take a course, or courses, at another Quebec university, students must fill out the interuniversity (INTU) form that is housed with BCI. Once you complete your part of the form, it will bounce to your department advisor, who will decide if you can take the course(s) or not. If approved, the application will bounce to the Student Academic Services (SAS). SAS will make the final decision if the course(s) is/are approved.

Courses chosen via the INTU application must count toward either your program(s) or degree. Students are limited to two (2) courses/term and 15 credits throughout a degree.

Upon completion of the course, credits and grades are transferred to the student's Concordia academic record once an official transcript is received from the host institution. This is an automatic process.

Outside Quebec (Visiting student)

Students who wish to take courses outside Quebec must have a last annual GPA of 2.00 or above and at least 24 Concordia University credits on record. Students must receive prior permission to study elsewhere. The procedure to receive permission is to:

  1. Complete a Student Request Form
  2. Submit all relevant information on the course(s) and university they wish to attend (credit value, course description, time and place)
  3. Obtain the Department Advisor's signature
  4. Receive a letter of permission from Student Academic Services

Credit is transferred if the course is passed with a grade of C- or higher; however, grades received are not recorded on your student record or transcript. Credits received from International schools are subject to a review based on that institution's graduation requirements. The Faculty does not guarantee the number of credits that will be transferred into the student's program or degree prior to enrolment.

Note: The Faculty does not guarantee that credits taken elsewhere will be transferred and counted toward a degree if the student does not have prior permission.

Students who wish to study abroad should consult the International Student Exchange Program.

New students

New Faculty of Arts and Science students who wish to transfer credits for courses completed at other educational institutions, should follow the instructions below.

Please complete and submit the Admission Transfer Credit form to your department or the department offering the course(s) in question. Be sure to include all supporting documentation such as detailed course outlines/syllabi of the courses completed at previous universities.

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