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Springhill, Nova Scotia

Site Number: 5
CSD (1991): 1211008

Principal Researcher(s): David Bruce

Assistant Researcher(s): n/a

Located on the western part of Nova Scotia, close to New Brunswick, Springhill has most of its industry in tertiary sectors (64%). The community's population (4373) has decreased by 7% in recent years. The labour force participation rate is 54%, the unemployment rate is 20%, and 14% in the community are below LICO.

Major events & stories

  • Springhill is defined by tragedy & accomplishments. Three mine disasters (1891, 1956, 1958) took the lives of 239 men & boys. The Carnegie Hero Fund Commission awarded a Gold medal to the community for heroic efforts undertaken in the 1958 mine disaster. The award is unique in that individuals are generally recognized. Citizens take pride in the award.

  • The Main Street business section has been levelled by fire 4 times (1895, 1896, 1957 & 1975) & this has contributed to economic problems. Springhill takes pride in firsts such as:

    • First legalized trade union in Canadian collieries (?) formed in 1879.

    • The first Children's Aid Society in Nova Scotia in 1912.

    • The first Canadian soldier to be decorated in the Second World War - Tony Condy

    • The first person to win 3 consecutive North American Fiddling championships - Johnny Mooring

    • The first female Canadian artist to earn an American Gold Record - Anne Murray

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