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Seguin (formerly Humphrey), Ontario

Site Number: 18
CSD (1991): 

Principal Researcher(s): n/a

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The township of Seguin became a newly incorporated municipality on January 1st, 1998. Seguin is located in Northeastern Ontario; it is an amalgamation of the former townships of Christie, Foley and Humphrey, and the village of Rosseau, annexing the western portion of the unorganized township of Monteith. The township of Seguin is the southernmost township in the District of Parry Sound. The new township of Seguin is approximately 700 square kilometres in size, has small pockets of settlement and a large seasonal population. Seguin’s permanent population is about 3,400.

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During the summer the population quadruples and there are almost 4,400 households. Most of the seasonal population consists of summer residents who live in cottages on lakes. Fishing, boating, tourism, and especially cottages are the main industries. The local lakes and abundance of shorelines make this possible, and cottage real estate here is among the highest priced in Ontario. However Seguin also has a large number of small and medium sized enterprises, including some large enough to export. Prospects for economic growth are quite strong.


These documents summarize the work completed and insights gained from updating Economic Capacity Profiles for the New Rural Economy2 (NRE2) sites. The initial set of Profiles was based on the 1996 Census and 2001 NRE site profiles data. The updated Profiles are based on 2001 Census data and 2003 NRE site profiles data.

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