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Selected papers and chapters (student co-authors are noted with an asterisk *)

*Kirkpatrick, A., Serbin, L.A. & Stack, D.M. (in press). Do you see what I see? Exploring maternal and child perceptions of children’s anxiety longitudinally. Developmental Psychology.

*Kirkpatrick, A., Serbin, L.A., Hastings, P.D., & Stack, D.M. (accepted). As I see or as I do? Exploring the transactional effects of maternal and paternal perceptions of children’s anxiety and their associated emotion socialization behaviours. Journal of Child and Family Studies.

*Paré-Ruel, M-P., Stack, D.M., Hastings, P.D., & Serbin, L.A. (2023). Specialized and versatile antisocial behavioral profiles in preschoolers: Association with persistent behavioral problems. Child Development.

*Mercuri, M., Stack, D.M., De France, K., Jean, A., & Fogel, A. (2023). An intensive longitudinal investigation of maternal and infant touching patterns across context and throughout the first 9-months of life. Infant Mental Health Journal, 44(4), 495-512.

Kakinami, L., *Danieles, P.K., *Hosseininasabnajar, F., Barnett, T.A., Henderson, M., Van Hulst, A., Serbin, L.A., Stack, D.M., Paradis, G. (2023). The longitudinal effects of maternal parenting practices on children’s body mass index z-scores are lagged and differential. BMC Pediatrics23(1), Article 270.

*Mercuri, M., Stack, D.M., Mantis, I., Moszkowski, R.M., & Field, T.M. (2023). Maternal and infant touching behaviors during perturbed interactions: Associations with maternal depressive symptomatology and infant crying. Infant Behavior and Development71, Article 101821.

*Afriat, M., De France, K., Stack, D.M., Serbin, L.A. & Hollenstein, T. (2023). Relationship quality and mental health implications for adolescents during the COVID-19 pandemic: A longitudinal study. Journal of Child and Family Studies32, 544-554.

*Hazel, L., Barker, E. T., De France, K., & Stack, D. M. (2022). Moderators of the association between co-rumination and depressive symptoms in emerging adult friendships. Emerging Adulthood11(2), 456–466.

De France, K., Stack, D.M., & Serbin, L.A. (2022). Associations between early poverty exposure and adolescent well-being: The role of childhood negative emotionality. Development and Psychopathology. 1–13.

Langevin, R., Stack, D.M., Dickson, D.J., & Serbin, L.A. (2021). Transactional and bi-directional associations between children’s behaviour problems and parental aggression toward the child over a ten-year period in an at-risk population. Journal of family violence36, 1017-1031.

Véronneau, M.H., Serbin, L., *Kennedy-Turner, K., Stack, D.M., Ledingham, J.E., & Schwartzman, A. E. (2021). Promoting postsecondary education in low-income youth: The moderating role of socio-behavioral and academic skills in the context of a major educational reform. Journal of Youth and Adolescence51,1317-1332.

Stack, D. M., Langevin, R., *Atkinson, N. H., *Kennedy-Turner, K., *Paré-Ruel, M-P., & Serbin, L.A. (2021). Santé mentale et pratiques parentales chez des familles vulnérables: Facteurs de risque et de protection intergénérationnels. In G. Piché, A. Villatte & S. Bourque (Eds.), Enfants de parents ayant un trouble mental: Enjeux et implications cliniques. Presses de l’Université Laval.

De France, K., Hancock, G., Stack, D.M., Serbin, L.A., & Hollenstein, T. (2021). The mental health implications of COVID-19 for adolescents: Follow-up of a four-wave longitudinal study during the pandemic. American Psychologist, 77(1), 85–99.

*Kennedy-Turner, K., Serbin, L.A., Stack, D.M., Ledingham, J.E., & Schwartzman, A.E. (2021). Beyond educational attainment: The role of achievement and school absence in the development of criminality. Canadian Journal of Behavioral Science, 53(4), 412-422.

*Atkinson, N., Jean, A., & Stack, D.M. (2021). Emotion regulation from infancy to toddlerhood: Individual and group trajectories of full-term and very-low-birthweight preterm infants. Infancy26(4), 570-595.

*Ferrar, S.J., Stack, D.M., *Baldasarrre, K., *Orsini, A., & Serbin, L.A. (2021). Conflict resolution and emotional expression in sibling and mother-adolescent dyads: Within-family and across-context similarities. The Journal of Early Adolescence42(2), 227-261.

*Ferrar, S.J., Stack, D.M., Dickson, D.J., & Serbin, L.A. (2020). Conflict resolution and emotional expression in mother-preadolescent dyads: Longitudinal associations with children’s socioemotional development. Journal of Youth and Adolescence49, 2388-2406.

Winner of a Concordia Stand-Out Graduate Research Award 2021 (Ferrar)

*Kennedy-Turner, K., Serbin, L.A., Stack, D.M., Dickson, D.J., Ledingham, J., & Schwartzman, A.E. (2020). Prevention of criminal offending: The intervening and protective effects of education for aggressive youth. British Journal of Criminology, 60, 537-538.

Winner of the FRQ-SC prix Relève étoile Paul-Gérin-Lajoie (Kennedy-Turner)

*Ferrar, S., Stack, D.M., Dickson, D.J., Serbin, L.A., Ledingham, J., & Schwartzman, A.E. (2019). Maternal socialization responses to preschoolers’ success and struggle: Links to contextual factors and academic and cognitive outcomes. Journal of Research in Childhood Education33(3), 363-381

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Hastings, P.D., Serbin, L.A., Bukowski, W.M., Helm, J.L., Stack, D.M., Dickson, D.J., Ledingham, J.E. & Schwartzman, A.E. (2019). Predicting psychiatric diagnoses in adulthood from social behaviors and neighborhood contexts in childhood: A 30-year prospective longitudinal study. Development and Psychopathology32(2), 1-15.

Stack, D.M., Matte-Gagné, C., & Dickson, D.J. (2019). Persistence of effects of VLBW/PT birth status and maternal emotional availability (EA) on child EA trajectories. Frontiers in Psychology, 9, Article 2715.

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*Briscoe, C., Stack, D.M., Dickson, D.J. & Serbin, L.A. (2018). Maternal emotional socialization mediates the relationship between maternal and adolescent negative emotionality. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 41, 495-509.

*Ma, D., Serbin, L., & Stack, D. (2018). How children’s anxiety symptoms impact the functioning of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis over time: A cross-lagged panel approach using hierarchical linear modeling. Development and Psychopathology31(1), 309-323.

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Stack, D.M., Serbin, L.A., *Mantis, I., & Kingdon, D. (2015). Breaking the cycle of adversity in vulnerable children and families: A thirty-five year study of at-risk lower income families. As part of a Special Section: Family Dynamics. International Journal for Family Research and Policy, 1(1), 31-56.

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Serbin, L.A., Stack, D.M., *Kingdon, D., *Mantis, I., & Enns, L.N (2011). Unpacking the effects of childhood poverty: A psychosocial approach to intergenerational risk. Under the direction of Frechet, G., Gauvreau, D., and Poirier, J. Social Exclusion, Poverty and Social Statistics: Perspectives from Quebec, Canada and Abroad (pp.113-122). A collection of papers highlighting Paul Bernard’s contribution to social statistics and the study of social and health inequalities. Les presses de l’Université de Montréal.

Stack, D.M. & *Jean, A. (2011). Communicating through touch: Touching during parent-infant interactions. In M.J. Hertenstein & S.J. Weiss, (Eds.), The Handbook of Touch: Neuroscience, Behavioral and Health Perspectives (pp. 273-298). Springer Publishing.

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