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Whether it's financially, materially or as a hands-on volunteer, there are so many great ways you can support the work of the CUCCR.

We need your help

At CUCCR our aim is to ensure any items you have that are no longer wanted don't wind up in landfills. That's why we offer the materials we accept for free — so you can creatively reuse and repurpose them.

But for us to continue doing the good work we do at the Centre, we really need your help.

How you can contribute

There are three easy ways you can make a difference at the Concordia Centre for Creative Reuse. You can:

Thank you for making a difference

Whatever you decide, please accept our heartfelt thanks! Your contribution will go far in making sure the CUCCR is around for many more years to come, promoting, advocating and helping to ensure a cleaner planet for the next generation.

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