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Decarbonization and Sustainable Aerospace through Electrification of Aircraft Systems - Aerospace Electric

Key project details

Principal investigator Kash Khorasani, professor, Concordia Research Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering Institute of Aerospace Design & Innovation, Concordia University

Co-principal investigators

Luiz Lopes, professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Concordia University; Chunyan Lai, associate professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Concordia University; Lyne Woodward, professor, Département de Génie Electrique, École de Technologie Supérieure; Mehrdad Saif, professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Windsor; Krishna Kumar, Professor, Aerospace Engineering, Toronto Metropolitan University

Research collaborators

Sean Smith, Vozwin; Abdo Shabah, CEO, Humanitas
Non-academic partners  Humanitas, Vozwin
Research Keywords Aircraft design & system integration, propulsion systems, electric motor technologies, electric power systems integration, alternative power generation, battery management systems, avionics and control systems, advanced air mobility
Budget Cash: $850,000 In-Kind: $50,000

Research focus

A detailed 3D model visualization of an urban area with various layers indicating different aspects of the built environment. The image shows a software interface with main layers and services listed on the left side, including options for 'Built Environment', 'Transport', 'Energy', 'Waste' and 'Ecosystem'.

Aircraft design & systems integration

This step delves into the development of cutting-edge technologies for integrating various electrical systems within aircraft designs. Emphasis is placed on addressing the intricate challenge of integrating multiple electrical systems into power distribution networks, which is crucial for enhancing and reliability of future hybrid and all-electric aircraft systems.

A detailed 3D model visualization of an urban area with various layers indicating different aspects of the built environment. It features a services menu with options such as 'Building Info', 'Energy Demand' and 'Network Solution'.

Propulsion & alternative power generation

This focal point revolves around the exploration and advancement of innovative technologies for aircraft propulsion and power generation. It encompasses the thorough analysis, design and optimization of hybrid propulsion technologies, in line with the industry's pursuit of alternative power sources to conventional fuel-based systems.

Avionics & control systems

Within this research domain, the focus lies on investigating the implications of transitioning from conventional actuators to electric actuation on control system design, stability and overall aircraft performance. Recognizing the crucial interactions with aircraft design and propulsion, making avionics and control systems design paramount.

Non-academic partners

Thank you to our non-academic partners for your support and trust.

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