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Pedagogical Innovation Awards

Innovation in teaching is critical for the success of our schools, but these achievements are often not formally recognized, especially at the level of everyday teaching practice. The CSLP Pedagogical Innovation Awards are designed to honour teachers for their innovative practices. The awards have three purposes:

  1. To recognize innovative teaching practices.
  2. To bring teachers together with educational researchers to discuss how their innovations connect with recent research findings.
  3. To spread the word about these innovative practices to other teachers and researchers.

The CSLP has offered an award of $1,000 for each of two categories:

Technological innovation

Innovations of this kind could include new uses for computer programs, mobile phone applications, video games, or other kinds of digital tools to engage students.

Curriculum innovation

These innovations can include new Learning and Evaluation Situations (LES) that teachers have designed, fresh approaches to an especially difficult topic, or experiential learning activities that students do outside the classroom.

Poster for the 2023 CSLP Pedagogical Innovation Awards

Eligibility & Process

Any teacher (full-time or part-time) in a government-recognized public or private elementary or secondary school in Quebec was eligible to apply. Over 50 nominations were received and were narrowed down to a field of 5 finalists by a committee of CSLP members.

The committee then met to review the submissions and select the two winners. The winners, as well as all of the other finalists (who are receiving honorable mentions) have been invited to attend an upcoming awards symposium. The event will allow the winners to present their innovation, as well as dialogue with educational researchers, who will be on hand to make the connection between the winners’ innovative practices and current developments in research.

In addition, with technical assistance from the CSLP, winners will be invited to make a YouTube capsule to showcase their work to other teachers in Quebec.


Ms. Lyne Tardif, Service aux Élèves, Centre de Service Scolaire de Montréal for Curriculum Innovation. 

Ms. Tardif founded a program called Un Boîte au Ciel, which developed classroom partnerships between special needs students and engineering students specializing in space technology.

Mr. James Feith, St. George's School of Montreal for Technological Innovation.

Mr. Feith developed a new initiative, Storytelling and Video Game Design, that teaches high school students French through the design of a computer-based role-playing game.


The Pedagogical Innovation Awards will be held on May 4, 2023 at the CSLP (1211 Saint-Mathieu, GA 2.221) at 4pm. The event is by invitation only.


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