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Tax credits for tuition

Students who are self-sponsored (i.e. pay their own tuition) may be able to take advantage of the tax-deductible status of the tuition fees. We encourage you to consult your accountant to get more information about this opportunity. 

Program costs

The John Molson full-time / part-time MBA is one of the most affordable of all AACSB-accredited MBA programs in North America because it is highly subsidized by the Quebec government. In addition, the cost of living in Montreal is significantly lower than in most other large North American cities.


Estimated MBA program tuition and fees


Cost of living in Montreal


Beyond program costs (such as books, stationery and supplies), students should budget for living expenses of at least $16,000-$23,000 CDN per year. This figure is based on the standard needs of a single person and includes accommodation, groceries, clothing, public transportation and miscellaneous expenditures



Fellowships & awards

As graduate students, MBA candidates have access to a broad range of financial support options. Students are encouraged to apply for the full range of funding opportunities available both within Concordia and through provincial agencies. International students should also inquire about the programs available to them from their country of origin or through national agencies.

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