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Training the next generation of artificial intelligence (AI) specialists

What will you learn?

Academic Courses
Learn from 2 newly developed courses on Engineering AI-based Software Systems (SOEN 691) and Social Aspects of AI-based Software Systems (ENCS 691) taught by leading researchers.

Professional Development Modules
Develop valuable professional skills in the context of AI-based software systems through a series of self-directed modules on topics such as Communication and Explainability, Technical Writing and Critiquing, and Commercialization and Entrepreneurship. Trainees choose modules that are best suited to their personalized learning plan and future career aspirations.

Industrial Embedding
Enhance your research, build on your professional skills and solve real-world problems by participating in internships with industry partners, supported by your academic supervisor and the partner organization.

Webinars and Seminars
Gain hands-on presentation experience delivering a webinar or an in-person seminar on a research topic of interest to both academic and non-academic audiences.

Specialization Courses
Follow specialized courses on topics such as Neural Networks, Reinforcement Learning, Advanced AI, and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in STEM.

Leadership and Mentorship Training
Receive coaching on how to critically evaluate AI-based software systems and related projects and publications.

How to apply

The program is open to Masters and PhD students from all faculties at Concordia University. Applications from interested and motivated students will be reviewed on a continuous basis.

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Our Partners

CREATE SE4AI is offered in partnership with École Polytechnique Montréal, Queen’s University and the University of Alberta.

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Contact us

General inquiries

Dr. Emad Shihab, PhD, P.Eng
Associate Professor and Concordia Research Chair, Software Analytics
Program Director, CREATE SE4AI*

Program Coordinator

Lori Akiyama
Program Coordinator, CREATE SE4AI

*CREATE SE4AI acknowledges the support of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)

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