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The Office of the Dean sets academic priorities for the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science and manages the School in accordance with Collective Agreements and other University policies.


Mourad Debbabi

Mourad Debbabi

Dean, Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science

Ali Akgunduz

Ali Akgunduz

Associate Dean, Academic Programs

The Associate Dean of Academic Programs oversees undergraduate curriculum and ensures that our engineering programs conform to the requirements for CEAB accreditation.

Hua Ge

Hua Ge

Associate Dean, Student Academic Services

The Associate Dean of Student Academic Service oversees operations of Student Academic Services and represents the dean in matters pertaining to the Academic Code of Conduct.

Emad Shihab

Emad Shihab

Associate Dean, Research and Innovation

The Associate Dean of Research and Innovation is responsible for promoting, enhancing and facilitating research and innovation at the Gina Cody School and its corresponding programs. 

Hoi Dick Ng

Hoi Dick Ng

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs

The Associate Dean of Academic Affairs assists the Dean with managing the workloads for faculty members, planning of course offerings and hiring of teaching assistants. He reviews appeals to decisions on student requests and is responsible for environmental health and safety at the School.

Amir Aghdam

Amir G. Aghdam

Associate Dean, Graduate Studies

The Associate Dean of Graduate Studies provides support to graduate students, oversees graduate curriculum and all aspects related to graduate studies, including graduate enrolment planning and monitoring.  

Tanja Tajmel

Tanja Tajmel

Special Advisor, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

The Special Advisor EDI supports the EDI strategic planning within the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science. In this role, she oversees and plans activities including retaining a diverse community, supporting inclusive teaching and research, fostering a culture of equity, and working with the Indigenous Directions Leadership Council (IDLC) to facilitate their efforts to decolonize and indigenize the university.  

Dean's staff

Reception, Service Assistant

Greg Hannah

Administrative Coordinator

Nadia Conte

Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives and
Special Projects

Amanda Clarke

Executive Secretary to the Dean

Nikki Vidal

Director of Administration

Zineb Bencheikh

Communications Manager

Vincent Allaire

Communications Coordinator and Writer


Advancement and Alumni Relations

Principal Director of Development

Michelle Miatello

Development Officer

Samia Aladas

Advancement Coordinator

Rhonda Binsley

Academic programs

Facilitator, Academic Programs and Accreditation

Amber Saunders

Academic and Personnel Affairs

Academic Personnel Administrator

Marisa Ward

Instructional Affairs Administrator

Gail Morrissey

Advisor, Academic Personnel

Linh Tran


Senior Research & Innovation Advisor

Guillermo Mendoza-Suarez

Advisor, Research Funding Development

Yingying Zhang     

Advisor, Research Funding Development

Laura Hernandez Rodriguez

Advisor, Innovation and Research Funding Development

Pascal Dubois    

Administrator, Research Operations

Georgia Michalakopoulos    

Assistant to the Associate Dean of Research and Innovation

Anne-Marie Bush

Advisor, Research Development / Office of Research

Marjan Shayegan

Advisor, Research Development / Office of Research

Holly Nazar  

Research Officer

Hala Youssef


Senior Faculty Financial Officer

Denis De Melo

Financial Analyst

Julia Ferrato

Building Operations

Manager, Building Operations and

Riccardo Gioia

Technician, Health and Safety

Duncan Chisholm

Coordinator, Operations Facilities

Luisa Frazzetto

Academic Facilities Coordinator

Alexis Gosselin

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