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The Mini-Box is a research space located on the fourth floor of the EV building (6m 50cm x7m 50cm x 3m50cm or 21.5ft wide x 24.4ft long x 10 ft high). It is a performance studio suitable for small productions, rehearsals, installations, prototyping, testing or dissemination.  

The maximum booking period for this space is 5 days for all users.  You may hold no more than 10 days of reservations at one time (two bookings of 5 days or five bookings of 2 days etc.)  

The Mini-Box is a blank slate that includes a basic light plot and sound system; it is a Zero State setup which means you require no technical assistance or access beyond the main space. You will not have access any equipment that is not part of the zero state. The Fine Arts team may provide additional technical consultation and/or support upon booking the space; technical execution, however, resides with the user.   

Research Spaces cannot be booked with Patron Portal.

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