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s e e p a g e / s u i n t e m e n t
Lauren Chipeur York Corridor Vitrines
It is a simple action to unplug – a way to stop things from meeting, to let something out or watch it drain away. The fridge in my studio was accidentally unplugged and left a puddle on the floor, slowly seeping into an experiment of plaster, food colouring and drywall. I had always intended to add water but perhaps not like this.
s e e p a g e / s u i n t e m e n t
Petites Pièces
Véronique Chagnon Côté Main Space
Here is The Entrance that invites you to insinuate yourself inside the threshold.
In Petites Pièces , the lines enter the floor and run along the walls crossing the x, y, and z. They dive into the rooms and follow the semi-natural instructions of surfaces. A path is profiled through the projections of these layers of maps which are attached to the structures. The romantic columns have fallen and stand next to the folded paper plants. In the folds of the ordered geometries, the lines reappear and they are color-saving to leave plenty of room for the future of the drawing. They will soon complete their perimeter on the built plans of sensitive and sketched labyrinths.
Petites Pièce
Ludovic Cléroux: 5155 Rue d’Iberville Paintings
Curated by David Elliott Main Space
This exhibition is a series of oil paintings documenting Ludovic Cléroux’s studio and living space in a converted industrial building at the corner of Rue d’Iberville and Rue Masson in Montreal. Working directly from observation, in the process of painting and re-painting this environment, a gently shifting world of light becomes woven into the fabric of each canvas, creating spaces of great profundity, reservoirs for intense perception, thought and measure.
The Awakening
Steven Smith Simard
Black Box
Under the gaze of the video camera, a group of individuals participate in a body-exploration exercises inspired by Jerzy Grotowski’s rigorous theatrical training methods. There is no choreography. The artist asks participants to perform endurance acts and guides them through a series of exploratory exercises that extend over a long period of time. This way, the artist questions not only the mastery of the technique of the body, but also the mastery and self-authority in space.
The Awakening
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