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Julie Robert

Maison (la série) 


Artist statement

Afar from its inceptive function of protection, dwellings are the anchors at the intersection of humans and their territory. They are at the centre of the built environment, but also an analogy to our own materiality. The familiarity of the interdependence with this space is intimately linked to our relationship with the materials that compose it, the movement of its occupants and its immediate environment. These living spaces are not consistently in unison with our physical, psychological or emotional needs, but their significance is inherent to the development of our personal identity. Notwithstanding the imperceptibility of this connection, their traces and impacts are engraved in the mass, in an evolutive and tranquil movement. Through my work, I aim for reconciliation and the development of empathy between humans and their habitat. 

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Artist's biography

Julie Robert is a visual artist working in sculpture and installation. She explores the links between political or historical events and the singularity of a connection or a moment in a given space by linking raw material to the geometry of modern architecture. Winner of a public art competition from the city of Beloeil, QC, her sculpture Point Pivot, honours the memory of the 99 victims of the most significant railway tragedy in Canada to this day. Robert’s work was awarded a double Gold Certification in the 2022 Grands Prix du Design for Artwork - Public Space and Urban Art and the commemorative sculpture was also a finalist for the Prix patrimoine Culture Montérégie. Recently her work was disseminated at Art Mûr Gallery in Montreal (2022). She has received awards and a scholarship from Concordia University for her academic excellence.

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