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Amara Barner

the interconnected network of everything and anything 

Artist statement

Rhizomes (also called creeping rootstalk) are most popularly known as the botanical explanation for subterranean and horizontally expanding root networks, like the mycelium of fungi for example. Philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari used this botanical concept to philosophically demonstrate and contemplate non-hierarchal networks with no clear beginnings or endings, and the interconnected relations found in both human and technological systems. Amara Barner is drawn to the application of Rhizomatic theory into personal worldviews and societal relations because it means understanding the connective threads and essence of life that exists and unites all living forms. She believes that if humans can integrate a baseline understanding of this thesis, they will transform their actions and will respect all life. Finally, as a society, we will be able to move away from a scarcity mentality and hyper-individualization and instead move towards community-based thinking, recognizing that we are all a part of a whole.

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to whom it may concern

to whom it may
(and I gather that may be

the incomplete and interconnected network of everything and
anything is perhaps not incomplete at all but everlasting in its

and the path of its nature is one of searching for new

    may come from anywhere and you surely won't always see it
coming and you most definitely won't know where it's going  

limitations weather structural or made up are not limitations at
all there's memories to be made and potential to be brewed
limitations might be frames 

and the only way out of a restricting

is to shift the perceived boundaries of the frame

and the you and me stuck within a

follow a thread of hope and

connect to another who feels the same  

then connect to another who connects to

we can all build

build on the hope to build on the

so it could be a comfort to

that no experience is truly
because someone somewhere can relate to

and is reaching outside a frame believing there is more out
there than what has already been decided 

we are all implements of
threads to connect

beings to relate
we are all 
a part of a whole  

you won't have to do this

and you shouldn't have
so i won't let


another loose

Artist’s biography

Amara Barner is a BIPOC, multidisciplinary, freelance artist from Minnesota who currently resides in Montreal (Tiohtià:ke), Quebec. At eighteen years old, she was the youngest hire for the Montréal dance company RUBBERBAND. She danced and toured internationally with the company from 2016-2021. Barner created her craft business, Amarantha: Witchcrafts in 2019, and has since participated in local artisanal festivals such as Puces POP!. Her handmade, ecological crafts aim to bring wellness energy into both home decoration and everyday life. Barner was featured in Dance Magazine’s July 2020 issue as an artist “On The Rise,” and has also been interviewed for the podcast Artistic Roots, and the digital magazine Black Lights. Her dream is to combine her passion for fibre arts and dance into immersive environments that house both installation and performance. She presented her first multidisciplinary solo exhibition mongrel at the VAV Gallery in 2021.

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