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Walter K. Scott

Image credit: courtesy of the artist



With FLAT LIKE A CARTON PUPIL, Walter K. Scott shows the space between the public and the private. Views of works in progress accompanied with succint cryptic phrases offer an alternative view of the works, as well of Scott’s practice. Each newsletter dispatch makes for a different and new way of analyzing what is seen. An incursion in the artist’s studio, this series is interested in ideas of sharing and looking, as well as shame.

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About the Artist:

Walter Kaheró:ton Scott ( b. 1985) is a Kahnawake born contemporary artist, currently based in Montreal and Toronto. Scott’s interdisciplinary practise includes drawing, writing, video, performance, and sculpture. Through his work, Scott explores contemporary questions of representation, cultural production, popular culture, and narrative construction. Scott has shown in solo and group exhibitions in Japan, North America, Europe, and the United States. His most recent exhibitions include Slipping on the Missing X at Macaulay & Co Fine Art and Betazoid in a Fog at the Remai Modern. In 2016, Scott was Artist-In-Residence at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Scott received his Masters in Fine Arts from the University of Guelph in 2018.

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