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Policy development and review

We review and make recommendations to existing university policies, procedures and practices to address barriers to equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility as well as advance new policies and procedures as required. This includes analyzing the impact of policies on racialized and marginalized peoples to identify and potentially reduce or eliminate equity and accessibility barriers.

Building an inclusive and accessible university community

Our office serves as a central point of contact for information concerning disability and accessibility concerns on campus.

We work in collaboration with a wide range of partners to ensure that people with disabilities have access to the services, supports and spaces they need for a positive university experience. 

Continually working to improve accessibility in our teaching, learning and working environments is a shared responsibility that requires the support and commitment of all Concordians.

Read more about Concordia's commitment to accessibility and, learn about the work of the Accessibility Policy Advisory Group.

Harmonization of equity policies and initiatives

We build collaborative relationships with university stakeholders and work closely with groups and individuals leading equity and accessibility initiatives in faculties, departments and units. We provide support and guidance on equity and accessibility policies, rules and regulations to achieve harmonization on equity and accessibility issues, plans and approaches, including with respect to rollout and implementation. Our aim is to foster consistency while instilling flexibility among equity and accessibility efforts across the university. 

Consultation services

We develop, implement and evaluate strategic initiatives advancing equity and accessibility on campus and provide guidance and advice on equity and accessibility issues and concerns. This includes creating space for students, faculty and staff with equity and accessibility concerns to consult, seek assistance and explore solutions.

Training programs

We develop and deliver education opportunities on topics such as raising equity and accessibility  awareness, dispelling misconceptions about how biases, discrimination, power and privilege work in university settings, and applying equity and accessibility approaches in university spaces and activities.


We cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with community members, faculties, departments, and units. We celebrate milestones that are achieved through cooperation and coordination, and understand that through harmonization, we can create and discover new opportunities while affirming that equity and accessibility are shared responsibilities of all community members.

To get in touch with us:

Please contact the Concordia University Equity Office

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