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Usage of student services

  • Most respondents have never used student services. Broken down further, 48% have never used Academic Support and Development student services (e.g. Student Success Centre, Access Centre for Students with Disabilities, Concordia International), 54% have never used services related to Student Life (e.g., Student Groups and Associations, 4th Space, Intramural Sports, Le Gym), 68% have not used Specialized Student Support (e.g., Black Perspectives Office, Otsenhákta Student Centre, Student Parents Centre, International Students Office), and 72% have not used services related to conduct, policies, and procedures (e.g., Ombuds Office, Office of Rights and Responsibilities, Sexual Assault Resource Centre).
  • Academic Support and Development services are used at least once a semester by a higher proportion of students who have a disability or impairment (60%), identified as an Indigenous person in Canada (37%), have temporary resident status (33%), are a member of a gender-diverse community (33%), or 2SLGBTQIA+ community (31%).
  • Student Life services are used once a semester or more by a higher proportion of men (22%), full-time students (24%) and those aged under 25 years old (22%).
  • Finally, 5% of Concordia students use services related to conduct, policies, and procedures once a semester or more. Higher proportions of users are observed among students who identified with an underrepresented group; for example, members of a gender-diverse community (10%), members of LGBTQIAS2+ communities (6%), those who self-identified as an Indigenous person in Canada (16%) or those who live with a disability or impairment (8%).
  • The percentage of students who are not aware of these services is less than 10%.
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