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Parenting or caregiver status


  • Among student respondents, 8% are parents or legal guardians. The proportion is higher among older students (46% of those aged 35 to 54 years old), graduate students (13%) as well as those pursuing Independent Studies (20%).
  • There are more parents or legal guardians among students who identified as an Indigenous person in Canada (18%), as a racialized person (10%) or as a member of a linguistic minority group (10%).

Caregiver status

  • Less than 10% of Concordia students are caregivers, with students aged 35 years old or more being more likely to be caregivers (62%).
  • There are more students who are caregivers among those who are also parents (27%), members of a gender-diverse community (12%), Canadian citizens by naturalization (12%), graduate students (11%), those who have a disability or impairment (16%), members of a religious or faith community (10%) or those who self-identified as a racialized person (10%).
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