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Understanding Concordia policies

Concordia employees are asked to accept policy agreement when accessing my empath on the MyConcordia portal
October 30, 2012
By Isabel Rut

Over the past seven weeks, there has been a series of articles about Concordia’s policies published in the NOW web and e-newsletter for employees. Moreover, weekly emails were sent to managers and academic leaders, highlighting seven additional policies.

“These policies were selected for their relevance to a wide range of our academic and non-academic personnel,” says Carolina Willsher, associate vice-president of Human Resources. “Our policies are meant to ensure that governance is applied equally to all members of the Concordia community and that our rights are protected and upheld.”

As of November 5, when employees access my empath on the MyConcordia portal, they will be asked to confirm that they have read the Concordia University Policies.

Willsher says employee reactions to the policy stories have been positive. “It is generating dialogue and, by extension, is increasing awareness of important policies,” she says. “Even though the policy awareness campaign is over, I encourage the Concordia community to continue in these discussions.”

As stated throughout the policy awareness campaign, there will be a new agreement generated automatically when employees access the my empath section of the MyConcordia portal as of November 5. This agreement requests confirmation from employees that they understand that they have a responsibility to read and respect Concordia University Policies.

Concordia personnel will not be hindered from accessing the portal if they have not read the policies. A “remind me later” button is available to defer accepting the agreement to when the employee is better prepared.

“This policy acceptance simply acknowledges that our faculty and staff understand that they have a responsibility to familiarize themselves with the policies that are relevant to them,” says Willsher. “There will be an annual reminder to confirm their understanding of the policies and any changes that may have occurred throughout the year.”

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