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Social Justice Centre welcomes postdoctoral fellow Heather M. Maranges

February 1, 2020

Dr. Heather M. Maranges

The Social Justice Centre is pleased to welcome Dr. Heather M. Maranges as our new Horizon Postdoctoral Fellow (2020-2022). Dr. Maranges will be working with Profs. Katharina Nieswandt (Philosophy) and Kristen Dunfield (Psychology) on their SSHRC-funded research programme, Brilliant Thinkers, Empathic Therapists: What Explains the Gender Gap in Philosophy versus Psychology?

The team plans to carry out an extensive empirical study to answer the question why so few women study philosophy, especially compared to psychology.

Dr. Maranges received her PhD in Social and Personality Psychology at Florida State University where she worked with Drs. Roy Baumeister and Paul Conway. Her research seeks to understand what facilitates cooperation. In particular, she studies the nature and implications of self-control, moral cognition, and often their intersection—how individual differences in self-control affect moral cognitive processes of the actor and observer. To do this work, Heather takes an interdisciplinary approach, leveraging theory and methods from philosophy, evolutionary biology, cognitive science, neuroscience, and genetics.

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