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Students are assessed once a year, if they attempt at least 12 credits in an academic year (summer, fall and winter), at the end of May.

Students are expected to achieve an assessment GPA of a 2.00 or higher to be on Acceptable Standing.

Students whose annual assessment GPA is below a 1.50, or below a 2.00 after a Conditional Standing in the year prior, or who have been in failed standing before the current assessment, will find themselves on Failed Standing. Students in this situation will receive an assessment email from the University with next steps. To better understand what these standings means, and what steps you can take, please see below:

Assessed: May Not Register without Special Permission

Students who are assessed as “Assessed: May Not Register without Special Permission” are withdrawn from their studies for one year.

Students in this circumstance, may apply for immediate readmission if there were extenuating circumstances that led to their poor academic standing (illness, death in the family, etc.) or apply for automatic readmission after one year. Supporting documentation (doctor's note, death certificate, etc.) must be submitted with the application with an updated transcript. Students will be informed, in writing, of all necessary steps to apply for readmission.

To submit an application for readmission, please follow the steps for Re-admission

Assessed: May Not Re-register

Students who are assessed as “Assessed: May Not Re-register” are removed from their studies for two years.

Students in this situation must book an appointment with an SAS Advisor. At this appointment, the Advisor will determine if the student is eligible for readmission. If eligible, the Advisor will give the student the application for readmission.

The deadline to apply for readmission is the first Monday in August.

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