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Port Alice, British Columbia

Site Number: 30
CSD (1991): 

Principal Researcher(s): n/a

Assistant Researcher(s): n/a

Located on the northern end of Vancouver Island, Port Alice's industry is comprised of 8% primary, 40% secondary and 45% tertiary sectors. The population (1371) has remained fairly steady over the past few years. The labour force participation rate is 77%, the unemployment rate is 10%, and 10% of the community is below LICO.  


These documents summarize the work completed and insights gained from updating Economic Capacity Profiles for the New Rural Economy2 (NRE2) sites. The initial set of Profiles was based on the 1996 Census and 2001 NRE site profiles data. The updated Profiles are based on 2001 Census data and 2003 NRE site profiles data.

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