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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Al-Yawer, F., Pichora‐Fuller, M. K., Wittich, W., Mick, P. T., Giroud, N., Rehan, S., & Phillips, N. A. (2023). Sex-specific interactions between hearing and memory in older adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment: Findings from the COMPASS-ND study.  Ear and Hearing, DOI:

Phillips, N. A., Isler, L., Kabir, R., Hämäläinen, A., Wittich, W., Pichora-Fuller, M. K., and Mick, P. (2022).  Hearing and visual acuity predict cognitive function in adults aged 45-85 years Findings from the baseline wave of the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA).  Psychology and Aging. 37(8), 891–912.

Reavis, K., Bisgaard, N., Canlon, B., Dubno, J., Frisina, R. D., Hertzano, R., Humes, L. E., Mick, P., Mong, J. A., Phillips, N. A., Pichora-Fuller, M. K., Shuster, B., & Singh, G. (2023). Sex-linked biology and gender-related research is essential to advancing hearing health. Ear and Hearing. 44(1), 10-27.

Gosselin, P., Guan, D., Chen, H-Y., Pichora-Fuller, M.K., Phillips, N., Faris, P., Smith, E., and Ismail, Z. (2022). The relationship between hearing and Mild Behavioral Impairment and the influence of sex: A study of older adults without dementia from the COMPASS-ND study. Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease Reports, 6(1), 57-66.

Giroud, N., Pichora-Fuller, M.K., Mick, P., Wittich, W., Al-Yawer, F., Rehan, S., Orange, J.B., Phillips, N.A. (2021). Hearing loss is associated with gray matter differences in older adults at risk for and with Alzheimer’s disease. Aging Brain, 1, 100018.

Hämäläinen, A., Pichora-Fuller, M. K., Wittich, W., Phillips, N. A., & Mick, P. (2021). Self- report Measures of Hearing and Vision in Older Adults Participating in the Canadian Longitudinal Study of Aging are Explained by Behavioral Sensory Measures, Demographic, and Social Factors. Ear and Hearing, 42(4), 814-831.

Chauvin, A., Baum, S., & Phillips, N. A. (2021). Individuals with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease Benefit from Audiovisual Speech Cues and Supportive Sentence Context. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 64(5), 1550-1559.

Rehan, S., Giroud, N., Al-Yawer, F., Wittich, W., & Phillips, N. (2021). Visual performance and cortical atrophy in vision-related brain regions differ between older adults with (or at risk for) Alzheimer’s disease. Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, 83(3), 1125-1148.

Wittich, W., Pichora-Fuller, M. K., Johnson, A., Joubert, S., Kehayia, E., Bachir, V., Aubin, G., Jaiswal, A., & Phillips, N. (2021). Effect of Reading Rehabilitation for Age-Related Macular Degeneration on Cognitive Functioning: Protocol for a Nonrandomized Pre-Post Intervention Study. JMIR research protocols, 10(3), e19931.

Guthrie DM, Williams N, Campos J, Mick P, Orange JB, Pichora-Fuller MK, Savundranayagam MY, Wittich W, Phillips NA. A newly identified impairment in both vision and hearing increases the risk of deterioration in both communication and cognitive performance. Canadian Journal on Aging [in press; accepted Jan. 25, 2021].

Ismail, Z., Black, S. E., Camicioli, R., Chertkow, H., Herrmann, N., Laforce, R., Montero- Odasso, M., Rockwood, K., Rosa-Neto, P., Seitz, D., Sivananthan, S., Smith, E.E., Soucy, J-P., Vedel, I., Gauthier, S., and the CCCDTD5 participants. (2020). Recommendations of the 5th Canadian Consensus Conference on the diagnosis and treatment of dementia. Alzheimer’s and Dementia, 16(8), 1182–1195.

Rockwood, K., Andrew, M. K., Aubertin-Leheudre, M., Belleville, S., Bherer, L., Bowles, S. K., Kehler, D.S., Lim, A., Middleton, L., Phillips, N., Wallace, L. M. K. (2020). CCCDTD5: Reducing the risk of later-life dementia. Evidence informing the Fifth Canadian Consensus Conference on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Dementia (CCCDTD-5). Alzheimer’s and Dementia: Translational Research and Clinical Interventions, 6(1), 1–12.

Monterro-Odasso, M., Peruccini-Faria, F., Ismail, Z., Li, K., Lim, A., Phillips, N., Kamkar, N., Sarquis-Adamson, Y., Speechley, M., Theou, O., Vergese, J., Wallace, L., & Camicioli, R. (2020). CCCDTD5 recommendations on early non cognitive markers of dementia. A Canadian Consensus. Alzheimer’s & Dementia: Translational research & clinical interventions, 16(8), 1182-1195.

Wittich, W., Pichora-Fuller, M.K., Johnson, A., Joubert, S., Kehayia, E., Bachir, V., Aubin, G., Jaiswal, A, & Phillips, N. (submitted). The Effect of Reading Rehabilitation for Age-Related Vision Impairment on Cognitive Functioning: A non-randomized pre-post intervention study protocol, JMIR Research Protocols,

Phillips, N.A., Andrews, M., Chertkow, H., Pichora-Fuller, M.K., Rockwood, K., & Wittich, W. (2020). Clinical judgement is paramount when performing cognitive screening during COVID‐19, Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

Mick, P., Hämäläinen, A., Kolisang, L., Pichora-Fuller, M.K., Phillips, N., Guthrie, D., & Wittich, W. (in press, 2021). The prevalence of hearing and vision loss in older Canadians: An analysis of the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging.  Canadian Journal on Aging/La Revue canadienne du vieillissement, 40(1).

Hämäläinen, A., Phillips, N., Wittich, W., Pichora-Fuller, M.K., & Mick, P. (2019). Sensory-cognitive associations are only weakly mediated or moderated by social factors in the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging. Scientific Reports, 9, 19660.

William, N, Phillips, N.A., Wittich, W., Campos, J.L., Mick, P., Orange, J.B., Pichora-Fuller, M.K., Savundranayagam, M.Y., & Guthrie, D.M. (2020). Hearing and Cognitive Impairments Increase the Risk of Long-term Care Admissions. Innovation in Aging, 4(2), igz053.

Urqueta Alfaro, A., Guthrie, D., Phillips, N.A., Pichora-Fuller, M.K., Mick, P., McGraw, C., & Wittich, W. (2019). Detection of vision and/or hearing loss using the interRAI Community Health Assessment aligns well with common behavioral vision/hearing measurements. PLoS ONE, 14(10): e0223123. 

Carr, S., Pichora-Fuller, M.K., Li., K.Z.H., Phillips, N., & Campos, J.L. (2019). Multisensory, multi-tasking performance of older adults with and without subjective cognitive decline. Multisensory Research

Guthrie D.M., Davidson, J.G.S., Williams, N., Campos, J., Hunter,  K., Mick, P., Orange, J.B., Pichora-Fuller, M. K., Phillips, N.A., Savundranayagam, M., &Wittich, W. (2018). Combined impairments in vision, hearing and cognition are associated with greater levels of functional and communication difficulties than cognitive impairment alone: Analysis of interRAI data for home care and long-term care recipients in Ontario.  PLoS ONE 13(2): e0192971  

Mick, P., Campos, J., Guthrie, D., Orange, J.B., Phillips, N., Pichora-Fuller, M.K., Wittich, W., & Savundranayagam, M. (2018). Associations between sensory loss and social network, participation, support, and loneliness: Analysis of data from the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging. Canadian Family Physician Journal, 64(1), e33-e41. Available in PDF.

Pichora-Fuller, M. K., & Phillips, N. (2017). Tackling the toll of hearing loss on executive function: We need to think beyond the speech chain and hearing aids to fully address effects of hearing loss on older adults’ cognitive health. The ASHA Leader, 22(7), 6-8. Available in PDF

Bruce, H., Aponte, D., St-Onge, N., Phillips, N., Gagne, J.P., & Li, K. (2017). The Effects of Age and Hearing Loss on Dual-Task Balance and Listening. Journal of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences, gbx047. Available in PDF

Phillips, N. A. (2016). The implications of cognitive aging for listening and the FUEL model. Ear and Hearing, 37, 44S-51S.

Pichora-Fuller, M.K., Kramer, S.E., Eckert, M., Edwards, B., Hornsby, B., Humes, L.E., Lemke, U., Lunner, T., Matthen, M., Mackersie, C., Naylor, G., Phillips, N., Richter, M., Rudner, M., Sommers, M., Tremblay, K., Wingfield, A. (2016). Hearing impairment and cognitive energy: A framework for understanding effortful listening (FUEL). Ear and Hearing, 37, 5S-27S.

Frtusova, J. B., & Phillips, N. A. (2016). The auditory-visual speech benefit on working memory in older adults with hearing impairment. Frontiers in Psychology, 7.



Grant, A., Kousaie, S., Coulter, K., Gilbert, A. C., Baum, S. R. Gracco, V. L., Titone, D., Klein, D., Phillips, N.A. (2022). Age of acquisition modulates alpha power during bilingual speech comprehension in noise. Frontiers in Psychology, Vol. 13, Article 865857.

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Chauvin, A. and Phillips, N.A. (2021). Bilinguals Show Proportionally Greater Benefit from Visual Speech Cues and Sentence Context in their Second Compared to their First Language. Ear and Hearing. doi: 10.1097/AUD.0000000000001182

Gilbert, A. C., Lee, J. G., Coulter, K., Wolpert, M. A., Kousaie, S., Gracco, V. L., Klein, D., Titone, D., Phillips, N.A., Baum, S. R. (2021). Spoken Word Segmentation in First and Second Language: When ERP and Behavioral Measures Diverge. Frontiers in Psychology, 12, 3974.

Kousaie, S., Chen, J.K., Baum, S., Phillips, N.A., Titone, D., and Klein, D. (2021). Bilingual language experience and the neural underpinnings of working memory. Neuropsychologia, Volume 163, 10 December 2021, 108081.

Gilbert, A. C., Honda, C. T., Phillips, N. A., & Baum, S. R. (2021). Near native-like stress pattern perception in English-French bilinguals as indexed by the mismatch negativity. Brain and language, 213, 104892.

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** Winner of the CIHR-Institute of Aging Age+ Award

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** Winner of the CIHR-Institute of Aging Age+ Award

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