Translation (BA)

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Why study Translation?

The more interconnected the world becomes, the more it needs translators: people with quick, inquisitive minds and intercultural expertise that enables them to work in diverse professional situations.

To become a translator, you must start with an excellent knowledge of French and English. We’ll help you master the language towards which you translate and establish a thorough command of your source language.

You will choose from one of two streams: if your dominant language is English, you learn to translate from French to English. If your dominant language is French, you translate from English to French. In addition to translation courses, you take language, linguistics and literature courses to sharpen your skills and acquire a high level of proficiency in reading and writing.

Our program is officially recognized by the Canadian Association of Schools of Translation (CAT). A BA obtained upon completion of the Specialization in Translation can lead to certification by the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec (OTTIAQ).

Program Details

Specialization in Traduction (Translation) (69 credits)
Students in the specialization choose one of two options:

  • Option A: French to English
  • Option F: English to French

The BA Spécialisation en traduction is a limited-enrolment program. As it requires excellent knowledge of both English and French, students admitted to the program must take placement tests in both languages.

Majeure en traduction (48 credits)
The BA Majeure en traduction enables students to develop skills in both English and French, languages that are highly valued on the job market. It also give students the flexibility to take elective courses in other areas or to add another program such as a Minor to fulfill the degree requirements.

As the program requires good knowledge of both English and French, students must take placement tests in both languages on admission. It is possible to change your concentration from the Major to the Specialization once you meet the following criteria: you must have obtained 24 credits of program courses including 6 credits of translation courses, with an overall minimum B average in the program courses and a B average in the FTRA courses.

See the full degree requirements in the Undergraduate Calendar

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