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List of selected publications

 Copp, W., O’Flaherty, D.K., Wilds, C.J.* (2018) “Covalent capture of OGT’s active site using engineered human-E.coli chimera and intrastrand DNA cross-links”, Org. Biomol. Chem., 16, 9053 - 9058.

Sacre, L., O'Flaherty, D.K., Archambault, P., Copp, W., Peslherbe, G.H., Muchall, H.M., Wilds, C.J.* (2018) "O4-Alkylated-2’-deoxyuridine repair by O6-alkylguanine-DNA alkyltransferase is augmented by a C5-fluorine modification", ChemBioChem, 19, 575-582.

Liczner, C., Grenier, V., Wilds, C.J.* (2018) “Reversible Diselenide Cross-links are Formed Between Oligonucleotides Containing 2’-Deoxy-6-selenoinosine”, Tetrahedron Letters, 59, 38-41.

O’Flaherty, D.K., Wilds, C.J.* (2017) “AGT Activity Towards Intrastrand Cross-linked DNA is Modulated by the Alkylene Linker”, ChemBioChem, 18, 2351-2357.

Schoonhoven, N.M., O'Flaherty, D.K., McManus, F.P., Sacre, L., Noronha, A.M., Kornblatt, M.J.*, Wilds, C.J.* (2017) “Altering Residue 134 Confers an Increased Substrate Range of Alkylated
Nucleosides to the E. coli OGT Protein
”, Molecules, 22, E1948.

Denisov, A., McManus, F.P., O’Flaherty, D.K., Noronha, A.M., Wilds, C.J.* (2017) “Structural Basis of Interstrand Cross-link Repair by O6-Alkylguanine DNA Alkyltransferase”, Org. Biomol. Chem., 15, 8361-8370.

Copp, W., Denisov, A., Xie, J., Noronha, A.M., Liczner, C., Safaee, N., Wilds, C.J.*, Gehring, K.* (2017) “Influence of Nucleotide Modifications at the C2’ Position on the Hoogsteen Base-Paired Parallel-Stranded Duplex of Poly(A) RNA”, Nucleic Acids Research, 45, 10321-10331.

Sacre, L., Wilds, C.J.* (2017) "Fluorine at the C5 Position of 2'-Deoxyuridine Enhances Repair of an O4-Methyl Adduct by O6-Alkylguanine DNA Alkyltransferases", European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 3003-3008.

O'Flaherty, D.K., Wilds, C.J.* (2017) "Site-specific Covalent Capture of Human O6-Alkylguanine-DNA-   alkyltransferase using Single-stranded Intrastrand Cross-linked DNA", Org. Biomol. Chem., 15, 189-196.

Xu, W., Kool, D., O'Flaherty, D.K., Keating, A.M., Sacre, L., Egli, M., Noronha, A.M., Wilds, C.J., Zhao, L.* (2016) “O6-2'-Deoxyguanosine-butylene-O6-2'-deoxyguanosine DNA Interstrand Cross-Links are Replication-Blocking and Mutagenic DNA Lesions", Chemical Research in Toxicology, 29, 1872-1882.

O'Flaherty, D.K., Wilds, C.J.* (2016) " Preparation of Intrastrand {G}O6-Alkylene-O6{G} Cross-Linked Oligonucleotides", Curr. Protoc. Nucleic Acid Chem., 66, 5.17.1-5.17.24.

O'Flaherty, D.K., Patra, A., Su, Y., Guengerich, F.P., Egli, M.*,Wilds, C.J.* (2016)  “Lesion Orientation of O4-Alkylthymidine Influences Replication by Human DNA Polymerase η", Chemical Science, 7, 4896-4904.

Abou Assi, H., Harkness, R., Martin-Pintado, N., Wilds, C.J., Campos-Olivas, R., Mittermaier, A., González, C.*, Damha, M.J.* (2016) "Stabilization of i-Motif Structures by 2′-β-Fluorination of DNA", Nucleic Acids Research, 44, 4998-5009.

Carter, A., Seaberg, M., Fan, H.-F., Sun, G., Wilds, C., Li, H.-W., Perkins, T.* (2016) “Sequence-Dependent Nanometer-Scale Conformational Dynamics of Individual RecBCD-DNA Complexes”, Nucleic Acids Research, 44, 5849-5860.

O'Flaherty, D.K., Wilds, C.J.* (2016) "O6-Alkylguanine DNA Alkyltransferase Repair Activity Towards Intrastrand Cross-Linked DNA is Influenced by the Internucleotide Linkage", Chemistry - An Asian Journal, 11, 576-583.

O'Flaherty, D.K., Guengerich, F.P., Egli, M.*, Wilds, C.J.* (2015) "Backbone Flexibility Influences Nucleotide Incorporation by Human Translesion DNA Polymerase η Opposite Intrastrand Cross-linked DNA", Biochemistry, 54, 7449-7456.

O'Flaherty, D.K., Wilds, C.J.* (2015) "Synthesis, Characterization and Repair of a Flexible O6-2’-Deoxyguanosine-alkylene-O6-2’-deoxyguanosine Intrastrand Cross-Link", Chemistry - A European Journal, 21, 10522-10529.

Ko, N.R., Cheong, J., Noronha, A.M., Wilds, C.J.*, Oh, J.K.* (2015) "Reductively-Sheddable Cationic Nanocarriers for Dual Chemotherapy and Gene Therapy with Enhanced Release", Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 126, 178-187.

McManus, F.P., Wilds, C.J.* (2014) "O6-Alkylguanine-DNA Alkyltransferase Mediated Repair of O4-Alkylated 2’-Deoxyuridines", ChemBioChem, 15, 1966-1977.

O'Flaherty, D.K., Denisov, A., Noronha, A.M., Wilds, C.J.* (2014) "NMR Structure of an Ethylene Interstrand Cross-Linked DNA which Mimics the Lesion Formed by 1,3-Bis(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea", ChemMedChem, 9, 2099-2103.

O'Flaherty, D.K., McManus, F.P., Noronha, A.M., Wilds, C.J.* (2014) "Synthesis of Building Blocks and Oligonucleotides Containing {T}O4-Alkylene-O4{T} Interstrand Cross-Links", Curr. Protoc. Nucleic Acid Chem., 5.13.1-5.13.19.

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