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Regards sur la vieillesse et le vieillissement: de l'expérience singulière aux enjeux collectifs

  • Role: Principal Investigator
  • Co-applicants: Ginette Aubin, Valérie Bourgeois-Guérin, Shari Brotman, Hélène Carbonneau, Mélanie Couture, Patrick Durivage, Norma Gilbert, Sophie Laforest, Annette Leibing, Shannon Hebblethwaite, Sarita Israel, Pam Orzeq, Manon Parisien, Émilie Raymond, Kimberly Sawchuk, Anne-Marie Séguin, Tamara Sussman, Pierre-Yves Thériault, Isabelle Van Pevenage et Isabelle Wallach

Granting agency : FQRSC Soutien aux infrastructures de recherche des Instituts et des Centres affiliés universitaires du secteur social $866 957

This is the infrastructure grant for the Center for Research and Expertise in Social Gerontology (CREGÉS), which is part of the Integrated Health and Social Service University Network for West-Central Montreal (West-Central Montreal Health).

CREGÉS is a research centre facilitating a sharing of knowledge between the academic community and practice settings in health and social services. Their mission is to encourage, promote and disseminate research in social gerontology, and to support the development of leading-edge practices at West-Central Montreal Health. The researchers and qualified professionals affiliated with CREGÉS work in various milieus, including health and social services centres, universities and the community.

Their research program consists of five research axis, one of which intersects with the other four. These axes are part of ongoing research activities at CREGÉS, but also reflect new approaches and issues raised by new members, including several young researchers:

  • Research Axis 1 – Seniors as Social Actors
  • Research Axis 2 – Heterogeneity of Aging: Bodies, Identities and Society
  • Research Axis 3 – Service Delivery to Seniors
  • Research Axis 4 – Living Environments
  • Cross-Cutting Research Axis – Public Policy and Social Gerontology

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