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Chairholder: Dr. Patrik Marier

Dr. Patrik Marier holds a Concordia University Research Chair in Aging and Public Policy (2015-2020) and held a Canada Research Chair in Comparative Public Policy between 2005 and 2015

Dr. Marier’s research focuses on the impact of aging populations on a number of public policy fields including pensions, healthcare, and labour policy across comparative cases. He is currently completing a book length manuscript on how Canadian provinces are preparing themselves to face the consequences and opportunities of an aging population. Dr. Marier has also written numerous publications on the politics of pension reforms in industrialized countries.

Dr. Marier is also the Scientific Director of CREGÉS, a university research centre housed at the Integrated Health and Social Services University Network for West-Central Montreal. It is a unique centre devoted to the field of social gerontology that encourages the development of research and innovating practices. The centre has more than 50 members, 33 of which are regular members. This includes university researchers from 11 different disciplines and six Quebec universities (Concordia, Laval, McGill, Université de Montréal, UQAM and UQTR).

Dr. Marier is also responsible for a research axis in the FRQSC partnership Aging, Social Exclusion, and Solidarities (VIES), a co-researcher in the Ageing Communication Technologies partnership grant (ACT), a member of CIRANO, and a member of PERFORM.

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Research Chair in Aging and Public Policy (Tier 1)
H 1225-60, 1225-62
Henry F. Hall Building,
1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H3G 1M8

Patrik Marier, PhD, Chairholder
Telephone: 514-848-2424, ext. 2395

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