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CENPARMI offers members access to labs, databases, user guides and other tools that facilitate collaboration and consultation.


CENPARMI members continually make training databases available to researchers and students:

  • CENPARMI Handwritten Digits Database
  • Arabic Cheques Database
  • English/French Cheques Database
  • Arabic Isolated Words Database (69 words)
  • Arabic Isolated Words Database (40 words)
  • Arabic Isolated Digits, Letters, Special Symbols, Numeral Strings, Dates Database

This list is always growing. Please contact Nicola Nobile at for any questions about CENPARMI databases and resources.


HeroSvm is a high-performance library that improves training SVM (Support Vector Machine) classification on large training sets. HeroSvm was developed by former PhD student Jianxiong Dong.

Local section (for members only)

The local section has additional information about labs, databases and general guidelines for use. The local section is restricted to CENPARMI members only.

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