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Sharing knowledge and expertise in pattern recognition, machine intelligence, signal processing algorithms and more since 1988.

Mission and objectives

To foster closer collaborations among active researchers in the area of PARMI at Concordia and other universities in Quebec.

  • To disseminate knowledge acquired and to transfer technology to the industry for the economic and social well-being of Quebec and Canada.
  • To identify and explore projects which are sufficiently challenging and suitable for team research in the Centre in collaboration with the industry.
  • To engage in projects of national strategic importance which capitalize on the strengths and interests of members of the Centre.
  • To obtain funding from government agencies, industry and other organizations.
  • To organize workshops, conferences, short courses and tutorials.
  • To establish national and international exchange programs with other research institutions.
  • To invite distinguished speakers and to organize seminars, to exchange research data, technical reports, publications, and experience.
  • To increase the level of joint supervision of graduate students.

Creation, history and governance

In 1988, Concordia University established the Centre for Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence (CENPARMI) on the recommendation of its Senate and with the approval of its Board of Governors. CENPARMI was officially established as an international research centre in September 1988. The Centre is an administrative entity in the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science which is becoming increasingly multi-disciplinary. The function "research, development and information exchange" has shown a growing and marked success that is reflected by the publication of a large number of books and papers, the training provided to many visitors and students, the importance of its research activities, its linkage with industry through collaborations and research contracts, as well as by funding from different agencies at both levels of governments.

Members of this centre have been very active in the field of PARMI for 20 years. Started from a small nucleus of 2-3 people working in the areas of optical character recognition (OCR), document analysis and text processing, CENPARMI now has a strong group of professors from the Department of Computer Science of Concordia University, inter-university members from Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal and Ecole de Technologie Superieure, visitors from other universities, research staff and graduate students, with expertise in pattern recognition and image processing, VLSI algorithms and architectures, parallel processing, computational linguistics, knowledge representation, machine intelligence and expert systems.

Advisory board

  • Dr. Didier Guillevic, Senior Software Developer, Idilia Inc., Montreal
  • Dr. Tonis Kasvand., Research Staff Emeritus, NRC, Ottawa
  • Dr. Dominique Ponson, Vice-President, Research, IMDS, Montreal


CENPARMI offers support to graduate students in the Master's or PhD in Computer Science programs. Find out more by visitng the awards directory and searching for 'pattern recognition'.

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