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Advisory committee


The Advisory Committee on the Implementation of Recommendations from the President's Task Force on Anti-Black Racism was formed to ensure the inclusion of diverse perspectives, experiences and expertise to realize the Task Force's final recommendations effectively and provide meaningful feedback to the Director of Implementation (Chair) on strategies. 


The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to provide counsel and accountability in the implementation phase of the Task Force recommendations. This is accomplished through:

  1. Providing guidance and advice on implementing and sustaining initiatives and programs that combat anti-Black racism within the university community.
  2. Providing input, critical insights and evaluating the effectiveness of strategies; identifying areas of concern and recommending best practice approaches to resolve issues.
  3. Ensuring that the voices and experiences of diverse Black Concordians are heard and respected throughout the implementation of the Task Force's final recommendations.


The Advisory Committee consists of a diverse group of university members with expertise, knowledge and/or experiences related to anti-Black racism. The composition shall include, but is not limited to:

  1. Chair: James Roach
  2. Committee coordinator: Cynthia Alphonse
  3. Black Perspectives Office: Maurice Riley Case
  4. Faculty member: Christiana Abrahamson
  5. Task Force implementation project leader and researcher: Désirée Rochat
  6. Community practitioner: Marlihan Lopez
  7. NouLa Centre for Black Students: Teeanna Munro
  8. Caucus of Black Concordians and faculty member: Jacqueline Peters
  9. Undergraduate student from the Concordia Student Union: Tanou Bah
  10. Graduate student with demonstrated interest/experience working on anti-Black racism issues: Isaiah Joyner
  11. University Advancement: Olivia Wyllie

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