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The Task Force’s mandate is to oversee a broad spectrum of efforts to combat anti-Black racism across Concordia. This is one way the university can fulfill its commitment to being a diverse and welcoming place with deep connections to the community.

The Task Force directs and coordinates the work needed to generate recommendations that will address systemic anti-Black racism racism experienced by Black faculty, staff and students.

The Task Force works in conversation with the Indigenous Directions Leadership Council and ultimately with Concordia's Equity Office and Black Perspectives Office to make recommendations that address systemic racism at the university.


Since its founding, Concordia has aimed to provide broad, equal access to opportunity for all. Living up to those ideals means applying the spirit of unbiased inquiry to every aspect of our operations and thereby informing our academic mandate.

The murder of George Floyd in May 2020, preceded by those of Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery earlier that month, amplified international cries in support of Black Lives Matter. These events, as well as those in Canada, sparked demands from Concordians to tackle systemic anti-Black racism.

In response to those demands, Provost Anne Whitelaw worked closely with members of the Caucus of Black Concordians and other stakeholders to design the structure and membership of the Task Force.

The Task Force Chair, the steering committee, the leadership committee, and the subcommittees have undertaken the important work of addressing anti-Black racism at Concordia by conducting research and consulting with members of Concordia's Black community in order to propose next steps for a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable university.

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