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We believe we can help our community by providing useful tools that anyone can use.

Below are some of the tools that were developed during the first phase of the digital strategy initiative. 

Digital Capabilities self-assessment tool

An online self-assessment tool guides users towards a better understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses.

Take the self-assessment


A collection of over 5,500 non-academic courses ranging from IT operations, web development, leadership and management, marketing and project management and operations.

Learn more about Udemy

Persona Handbook

A handbook containing a series of fictional personas to help create empathy with different users during the course of a project or the design of a new service.

Download the handbook

Public Consultations with Indigenous Students & Faculty

Report on a series of interviews, conducted in late April to early May of 2020, to identify Indigenous-specific challenges related to Concordia’s digital environment, and understand what Concordia’s main future priorities should be according to Indigenous students and faculty members.

Read the report

User Experience (UX) Journey Harmonization Report

Report on a series of interviews and small focus groups, conducted in February 2020, to provide insights into how our new students and employees experience our various touchpoints so that we can identify current and future opportunities to harmonize the overall user experience.

Read the report

Public Consultation Report

Summary report of the findings from the group discussions, individual interviews, and creative workshops during the first phase of the initiative.

Read the consultation report

Environmental Scan

Commissioned report casting an outward look at other digital strategies in complex organizations to help us understand what makes for a successful digital strategy.

Read the environmental scan

Student Digital Experience Tracker Survey Report

Report on a short survey conducted in March of 2018 to gather students’ expectations and experiences of technology.

Read the survey report
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