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Following our research and consultation, we have developed a shared vision and roadmap for Concordia's digital strategy.

Between February and May 2018, the digital strategy project team held a series of public consultation activities with students, faculty and staff. These included group discussions, individual interviews and creative workshops, as well as a student survey.


Concordia also conducted an environmental scan that examined the characteristics of effective digital strategies.


Since early 2019, the digital strategy team has implemented the majority of its strategic projects. Now that they are well underway, the university’s digital strategy has reached a level of maturity and its initiatives are being transitioned to other operational units.


April - December 2021

Transition of digital strategy projects to other units

The digital strategy team has implemented the majority of its projects. The initiatives are migrating to other units where they will continue to develop and become operational.

October 2020

Ask us anything about AI

A Concordia digital strategy initiative in collaboration with the university’s
Office of Research with the goal of fostering a community conversation
about artificial intelligence. Four dynamic and informative videos help to
continue the dialogue. The videos form part of the digital strategy’s
speaker series.

Watch the videos

August 21 and September 25, 2020

Office 365 Unconferences for faculty and staff

Concordia selected Office 365 (Microsoft 365) as the institutional platform best able to support collaboration at the university. Two half-day unconferences, focussed on the Microsoft 365 suite of tools, include a mix of interactive and learn-on-your-own sessions open to all faculty and staff.

Watch video recordings of the live interactive sessions

April – May 2020

Public consultations with Indigenous faculty and students

Report on a series of interviews conducted to identify Indigenous-specific challenges related to Concordia’s digital environment, and understand what Concordia’s main future priorities should be according to Indigenous students and faculty members.

Read the report

February 2020

User Experience (UX) Journey Harmonization Report

Report on a series of interviews and small focus groups conducted to provide insights into how our new students and employees experience our various touchpoints so that we can identify opportunities to harmonize the overall user experience.

Read the report

December 2019 to March 2020

Concordia President’s Speaker Series on Digital Futures

The second edition of this speaker series took place over the winter 2019
and spring 2020 terms and brought together thought leaders who shared
their insights on our evolving digital reality. All events were open to the public.

Read more about our speakers and watch the videos

January 15, 2019

University approval of eight project charters and funding request

Using the community feedback we developed eight project charters that will serve as our roadmap for the next phase.

October 1 to
November 17, 2018

Draft Vision and Roadmap Community Presentations and Feedback

We presented our key findings and draft vision and roadmap to the community through a series of in-person presentations and a webinar.  We also invited the community to give us some feedback on our 11 proposed projects through an online commenting platform, email, or social media.

June 14, 2018

Steering and Executive Committee Key Findings Presentation

A meeting of the members of the steering and executive committees to present the key findings from the digital inventory, public consultations, student survey, environmental scan and speaker series.

June 1, 2018

Public Consultations Final Report

Summary report of the findings from the group discussions, individual interview, and creative workshops.

Read the report on our digital public consultations.

May 4 and 10, 2018

Public Consultations Creative Workshops

Establishing areas of improvement for the future and generating ideas on how these areas of improvement could take shape. To stimulate exchange and creativity, this phase combined students, faculty and staff in the same group.

2 groups of 10 with:

  • 4 students
  • 3 faculty members
  • 3 staff members

May 8, 2018

Environmental Scan Report

An outward look at other digital strategies in complex organizations to help us understand what makes for a successful digital strategy. Based on case studies and first-hand interviews with leaders from all over the world.

Read the Environmental Scan Report.

May 4, 2018

Digital Inventory

The Digital Strategy Support Team has collected an inventory of institutional systems, software, physical resources, and non-academic training used for teaching, learning, research and administration in order to map Concordia’s current digital landscape.

The focus of this exercise is to identify all the relevant technology touchpoints members of the community (students, faculty, and staff) may encounter and provide a different way to navigate and explore the resources available at Concordia.

January 16 to
April 24, 2018

Concordia President’s Speaker Series on Digital Futures

A diverse group of thought leaders will come to the university as part of the Concordia President’s Speaker Series on Digital Futures. Their insights will inspire members of the Concordia community to think about how the digital shapes the present and future. All of the events are open to the public.

Read more about our speakers and listen to the podcasts.

March 27 to April 24, 2018

Public Consultation Individual Interviews

A detailed investigation of each participant’s individual experiences, expectations, and challenges related to technology and Concordia University. Because of the number of participants with whom we engaged on a one-to-one basis, this phase provided the most detailed information.

  • 20 students
  • 10 staff members
  • 15 faculty members

March 5 to 23, 2018

Student Digital Experience Tracker Survey

As part of our consultation activities, we invited students to complete a short survey called the Student Digital Experience Tracker.

The survey results will help us better understand how students use our digital environment and services so we can make improvements. They will also inform the development of our university-wide digital strategy.

Read the summary report.

Read the data report.

Read the raw results from some of the questions.

February 27 to
March 8, 2018

Public Consultation Group Discussions

An exploration of the community’s current experience with technology, both in general and in the context of Concordia University. The main objective of these discussions was to prepare for the in-depth interviews. It identified potential areas of improvement that could be considered in the digital strategy.

  • 2 groups of 10 students
  • 2 groups of 10 staff
  • 2 groups of 10 faculty

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