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Project overview

The Orientation project will develop an integrated and streamlined approach to orienting newcomers to Concordia’s environment in line with the responsibilities of their new role. Members of the community will be guided through a timeboxed series of activities that will ensure that the necessary knowledge and skills are acquired in a useful and timely manner.

Background info

During the initial research and consultation phase of the Digital Strategy initiative one of the main challenges identified by our community is the absence of formal orientation processes. New students, faculty, and staff are often called on to figure out how to navigate Concordia’s complex environment on their own while simultaneously adjusting to their new roles and responsibilities. Similarly, there is a need to offer orientation support for existing members of our community who transition into new roles such as a staff member changing jobs, a student being given a research assistant contract, a graduate student taking on a teaching assistantship, or a faculty member taking on an administrative role.


May 2019
Public consultations report mapping new students, faculty, and staff members' orientation journey.

June 2019
Environmental scan of successful and failed orientation practices.

October 2019
Detailed inventory and assessment of current orientation resources and practices.

November 2019
Gap analysis, recommendations, and phase 2 project charter.

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