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Lab for Innovation in Teaching & Learning (LITL)

Project overview

The Lab for Innovation in Teaching & Learning (LITL) will be a dedicated space for prototyping next-generation learning experiences. In its focus on pedagogical testing and experimentation, the innovation lab will develop ways to respond to disruptive changes in economies and job markets, learner needs and expectations, and pedagogical practices and technologies. The lab will instantiate Concordia’s commitment to innovation in teaching & learning, seizing an unmistakable opportunity for institutional profile-building.

Project transition

The LITL project will be transitioned to the Office of the Provost and Vice-President, Academic and become part of the Centre for Teaching and Learning. The lab is now operational and being led by its project manager.

Background info

Fast-moving universities are actively creating new ways to engage a broad range of learners who need continuously updated skills and competencies. Nimble non-university providers fill niches and meet demands that universities miss or choose to ignore. A lab approach to teaching and learning innovation addresses the financial, structural, and professional pressures that tend to stifle pedagogical R&D activity within universities.

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