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Digital Capabilities

Project overview

The digital capabilities and credentials project will provide students, faculty, and staff with an opportunity to adopt a practice of continual digital capabilities development as part of a well-rounded lifelong learning pursuit. 

We propose to achieve this by developing a common framework to help map out the various types of capabilities that are necessary in order to acquire and maintain useful levels of digital skills for specific academic, administrative, and professional roles. 

The framework will be available as a reference tool when articulating skillsets, developing academic requirements, and identifying development goals. 

Using the framework, we will then pilot an online self-assessment tool so that every member of the community can accurately gauge their current level of proficiency and be directed towards resources to improve in the areas where they need it most.

Project transition

The Digital Capabilities project will migrate to the Library and will continue to focus on finding opportunities to improve Concordians’ digital competencies. The Digital Capabilities team is collaborating with IITS to ensure the renewal of an online learning platform, a service that is currently provided by Udemy.


Background info

While all members of our community have varying degrees of confidence when it comes to their current digital capabilities, all of them recognize the need to continually develop these skills in a meaningful and focused way and would like Concordia to support them in this activity.

I did have a major problem at the beginning of this semester (...) the lab report was asking for certain types of graphs which I did not know how to do on Excel.

- An international student

According to the community, developing digital skills is a shared responsibility between CU and each community member.

- Public consultation report

Project team

Guylaine Beaudry, University Librarian
Anne Whitelaw, Provost & VP Academic
Carolina Willsher, Associate Vice-President Human Resources
Nadia Hardy, Deputy Provost, Faculty Development and Inclusion
Isabelle Dunnigan, AVP Lifelong Learning/Exec Dir Centre for Continuing Education
Paula Wood-Adams, Special Advisor to the Vice-President, Research and Graduate Studies

Project lead
Jasia Stuart, Coordinator Digital technologies Library

Team members
Kristy Clarke, Program Admin GradProSkills
Yingying Hu, Project Manager Lifelong Learning
Natalie Camirand, Manager Organizational Development Human Resources
Andrea Taylor, Project Coordinator Student Success Centre
Gaya Arasaratnam, Director Campus Wellness and Support Services
Lisa Kakinami, Assistant Professor & Co-Op Director Mathematics and Statistics
Kathryn McDonell, Director Administration & Training Services IITS 

Leslie Goldstein, Communications Advisor UCS

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