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Concordia Hub

Project overview

This project will rethink the MyConcordia / CSpace / relationship with the aim of creating a single-entry point for faculty, staff and students that will enable them to receive seamless, safe and secure access to personalized and essential information. The preliminary effort will concentrate on revamping the student experience while laying the groundwork for examining and improving the presentation, information architecture, navigation and content intended for faculty and staff.

Project transition

The Concordia Hub project is in the final testing stages of the student hub experience, part of the project’s phase 1, and is aiming to release the faculty and staff hub experience this summer as part of phase 2. The project will continue for a third phase that will focus on personalization and additional feature development with the eventual integration of the new UNITY system.

Background info

Simple, clear, direct access to digital information and services is of paramount importance to students, faculty and staff. Currently this information is housed in multiple locations and access to it is convoluted. Surveys, focus groups and one-on-one discussions have made it abundantly clear that this must change, especially now that the digital access to content is the principal entry point.

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