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AR, VR, and Simulations

Project overview

The overall goal of the Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Simulation Project is to develop and disseminate the know-how, infrastructural, economic, and adoption models that underpin experiential learning and industrial-level development, thereby contributing to national and international innovation as it applies to teaching and learning in higher education (HE) sectors.

Background info

Recent advances in AR, VR, and simulation have opened up an exciting new vista of digital internships, virtual labs, simulated industrial operations, and novel approaches to collaborative and experiential learning. In this way, immersive mixed reality and simulation environments can help students visualize difficult concepts, explore environments that are dangerous or challenging to access, and augment a student’s ability to gain knowledge, practice skills, and experience. Especially promising is the combination of these realities with artificial intelligence (AI) and other machine learning technologies, which allows for intelligent extended reality learning environments.


October 2019
Governance Model

December 2019
Benchmarking Report

February 2020
Memoranda of Understanding in place with partners
Showcase of modules/courses relevant to Concordia

May 2020
AR VR Integration workflow at Concordia

September 2020
Implementation plan

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