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AR, VR, and Simulations

Project overview

The overall goal of the Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Simulation Project is to develop and disseminate the know-how, infrastructural, economic, and adoption models that underpin experiential learning and industrial-level development, thereby contributing to national and international innovation as it applies to teaching and learning in higher education (HE) sectors.

Project transition

The AR, VR and Simulations project team is creating a course, using simulation technologies, which is funded by the digital strategy and led by KnowledgeOne. Once the creation of the course is completed, KnowledgeOne will look for other opportunities to develop future AR, VR and simulations courses.

Background info

Recent advances in AR, VR, and simulation have opened up an exciting new vista of digital internships, virtual labs, simulated industrial operations, and novel approaches to collaborative and experiential learning. In this way, immersive mixed reality and simulation environments can help students visualize difficult concepts, explore environments that are dangerous or challenging to access, and augment a student’s ability to gain knowledge, practice skills, and experience. Especially promising is the combination of these realities with artificial intelligence (AI) and other machine learning technologies, which allows for intelligent extended reality learning environments.

Students who experience more advanced uses of digital tech in courses are more satisfied with digital teaching and learning.

- JiSC student survey result

Digital internships also provide an opportunity for students who may not be able to engage in a ‘real time’ internship due to personal constraints (family, job, etc.).

- A faculty member commenting on the project

Project team

Robert Beauchemin, President and CEO, eConcordia KnowledgeOne

Project Lead
Julieta Galan, Producer of L’Atelier XR  KnowledgeOne

Team members
Jose Alamo, Associate Strategic Initiatives   KnowledgeOne
Rob Cassidy, Director Centre for Teaching and Learning
Olivier Palmieri, Director of XR Workshop Ubisoft

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