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Gregor Kos

Assistant Professor

Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry

Faculty: Arts and Science

Gregor Kos
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 3374


Experienced environmental analytical chemist. Wide range of expertise in model development and multivariate data analysis with a focus on mass spectrometry and infrared spectroscopy. Study of the fate of pollutants, especially volatile organic compounds and mercury, in the atmosphere and snow pack with field work experience in the High Arctic. Specialties: analytical chemistry, mass spectrometry, chromatography, infrared spectrometry, chemometrics, engineering, field work, modeling, interdisciplinary thinking and research, statistics, environment, atmosphere, analytical chemistry, chemometrics, statistical analysis of environmental data, urban air quality

Languages spoken:

English, French, German

Postdoctoral studies (2003-2007), McGill University, Montreal, QC (Prof. Parisa Ariya)
PhD (2003), Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria (Prof. Rudolf Krska)
Visiting scientist (2001), University of Idaho, Moscow, ID (Prof. Peter Griffiths)
MSc (2000), Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria (Prof. Gernot Friedbacher)
MSc research (1999-2000), University of Plymouth, Plymouth, UK (Prof. Paul Worsfold)

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