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Students are advocating for OER across Canada through textbook broke campaigns, respectfully speaking with or writing to their teachers, championing teachers who are going the extra mile with open educational resources.

Students: How to Participate  

Student OER Involvement in Canada

Students involved at: Student Actions:
University of British Columbia Open Letter
University of British Columbia Textbook Broke Call to Action
University of Victoria
Textbook Broke Call to Action
University of Victoria OER Advocacy Letter
University of Guelph Student Textbook Survey Report
McGill University McGill News
McGill University OER Report
Ontario Undergraduate Alliance Textbook Broke Call to Action

You are a professor:

If you are already involved with OER, here are some thoughts:

If you are curious about OER, here are some thoughts:

  • Ask your students about how textbooks impact them.
  • Talk with colleagues in your field as well as colleagues who have embarked on OER projects.
  • Learn more about OER, Creative Commons Licences, and our OER grants.
  • Know that small steps towards the accessibility of education make a difference over time.
  • Make an appointment with your subject librarian and or Scholarly Publishing Librarian. Bring your questions and syllabi. We can help you find and explore OER resources.

You are a librarian:

Librarians can get involved by:

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