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Diversify OER

We can leverage OER towards EDI (equity, diversity, inclusion), diversifying the curriculum, and decolonizing pedagogy.

screenshot of decolonizing pedagogy

"Decolonizing Pedagogy" infographic by Rachel Harris. CC BY 4.0.

Resources on Diversifying OER

Clement, K. (2020, December 30). Interrogating and Supplementing OER Through a Decolonized Lens. OER & Beyond.

Ebeattie. (2018, October 16). Self-Publishing Guide: Accessibility, Diversity, and Inclusion – BCcampus.

Elder, A. (2019). Centering Diversity and Inclusion. In The OER Starter Kit. Iowa State University Digital Press.<

Taskeen, A., Bali, M., Hodgkinson-Williams, C., & Morgan, T. (2019, February 26). Can we decolonize OER/Open? #DecolonizeOpen. OER19.

Resources on Decolonizing Pedagogy at Concordia

Decolonizing pedagogy: a resource list of books and articles on decolonization, on decolonizing pedagogy in general terms and in specific disciplines, such as within literature and the sciences

Anti-Black, Anti-Indigenous & Systemic Racism - Teaching: a teaching and learning-oriented resource list within the Anti-Black, Anti-Indigenous & Systemic Racism guide

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