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Amos installation instructions

IBM SPSS AMOS software helps you support your research and theories using multivariate analysis methods. Also known as powerful modelling software, AMOS is used for Structural Equation Modeling, path analysis, and confirmatory factor analysis.

Step 1

Run the Amos software installer as an administrator.

Installation completed

Step 2

Towards the end of the software installation, uncheck the box 'Start IBM SPSS Amos now', before you click 'Finish'.

Step 3

To license Amos, click on the start menu and run IBM SPSS Amos License Authorization Wizard as an administrator on your PC.

Step 4

Click 'Next'.'



Step 5

Select Authorized User License for Product Authorization, the click 'Next'.



Step 6

Enter the software authorization code provided in the SPSS link found in My CU Account in the Student Hub (for students) or Carrefour (for faculty and staff), then click 'Next'. 

Step 7

Click 'Next' then 'Finish'. Now that the software is licensed, you're ready to use Amos. 

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