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Connections (2008)

The 1st CWAHI conference

2 - 4 October 2008

Department of Art History, Concordia University

CWAHI’s inaugural conference aims to unite and assess current scholarship on historical Canadian women artists. What are the current concerns of art historians studying women artists’ lives and practices? Has the process of recuperation been successful? Is it time to begin the process of consolidation?  While gender considerations continue to serve as an impetus for inquiry, current research on historical Canadian women addresses a multitude of subjects, including, but not limited to: First Nations history; colonialism and nationhood; the international evolution of aesthetic styles; travel and identity; sexuality and corporeal experience; women and craft; the relation of biography to visual production; professional and amateur networks; and the emergence of urbanism. In these areas and others factually based archival research and theoretically informed critical analysis exist side by side. How can these approaches be mutually informative? 

Conference program


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