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Strategies for Market Differentiation and Client Focus

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6 hours
Let’s face it, a lot of what goes on in marketing might seem like smoke and mirrors. But there’s an art to it, and a science. Marketing expert Nancy Lahaie is here to help you learn the basics of both. From differentiating your product or service in the market space by creating unique value propositions, to identifying and harnessing the right marketing tools for every situation, you’ll learn the tricks of the trade that truly make a difference to your brand and your bottom line. Ready to hone your marketing skills? This is the place to start.

Upcoming date(s)

There are no upcoming dates at this time.

Your takeaways

This workshop will empower you to:
• Identify the role of marketing and marketing mix in an organization;
• Identify what a value proposition is and why it’s important;
• Discover, articulate and incorporate your value proposition (what can you change to get noticed);
• Develop a truly client-centred marketing strategy;
• Select relevant marketing tools (social networks, market research, etc.);
• Use those tools to help you build, communicate and implement your value proposition.

Our approach

This business-oriented online workshop is based on fundamental theories, industry case studies, and real-world applications. In short, you’ll grow professionally by enhancing your knowledge of marketing.
To help maximize engagement and learning, we highly recommended you keep your camera on throughout the workshop.

Who benefits the most?

• Business owners, team leaders, managers or others who wants to differentiate their businesses.
• Anyone looking for information on best practices for developing value propositions.
• Managers and business owners who want to improve their management skills or support and mobilize their in-house teams.
• Anyone who wants to improve their basic understanding of marketing.
• Employers who want to give their employees a learning opportunity that will contribute to the success of their organization.

We're flexible. That means workshops can be customized for corporate groups and offered on the date of your choosing, remotely or in your office.

Important details

1) Registration fee includes electronic course materials.
2) In the event we don’t have enough participants, the workshop will be cancelled and you will, of course, be reimbursed in full.
3) This workshop meets the requirements for the 1% Conformity Law (in accordance with the Workforce Skills Development and Recognition Act).
4) If you wish to pay for this workshop via invoice, please write directly to and our service staff will assist you.

Your trainer

Nancy Lahaie
Nancy Lahaie, B.Sc., McGill
Nancy is a seasoned pro with more than 20 years of marketing experience in creating and growing powerful brands with innovative strategies. She’s recognized for her ability to build, mobilize and engage multi-disciplinary teams around a project, a vision and company objectives. Over the years, she has worked with both in B2B and B2C markets, in large multi-national organizations as well as in small & medium enterprises (SMEs). She's an experienced consultant who has helped companies maximize their commercial potential. And she can help you maximize yours, too.
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