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The School of Community and Public Affairs Students' Association (SCPASA, is the representative body for all undergraduate students of the School. All of our students are enrolled in the School's Major in Community, Public Affairs and Public Policy. The SCPASA plays an active role in the good governance of Concordia University's undergraduate affairs as an ASFA (Arts and Science Federation of Associations) Member Association in good standing.

The SCPASA encourages its students to get involved in the classroom, on campus, and in the community-at-large. For its strong community ties and outward focus, demonstrated through a long history of student activism and community involvement, the SCPASA stands out as an exemplary student association. The SCPASA has consistently benefitted from strong faculty support for student-led initiatives.

The day-to-day functioning of the SCPA Students' Association includes a non-hierarchical organisational structure, a consensus-based decision-making model and a core group of elected Coordinators. The SCPASA is proud to host a space dedicated to its students; this Lounge acts as a welcoming and cozy environment allowing first, second, third, and graduated students to add to the School's vibrant mix.

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Administrative: Shall be a signing authority (1 of 2) and the main representative of the Association to its membership, to the ASFA Executive, to the School, Faculty, University, and other external bodies. The Administrative Coordinator may, from time to time, appoint people to represent the Association. **

Finance: Shall be a signing authority (1 of 2) and hold responsibility over the financial matters of the Association. **

Internal: Shall be the primary liaison between the Association and its members.

Communications: Shall be responsible for the distribution of information to the membership and publicity materials within the School from the Association.

Community Outreach: Shall be the primary liaison between the Association (and its individual members) and other bodies outside the University within the community-at-large.

Social Events: Shall be responsible for coordinating all social events organized for the members. This Coordinator shall also be responsible for booking space and materials required for events and services provided for the members.

External: Shall be the main representative of the Association on all matters relating to student involvement within the community and the School.

First Year Representative: Shall represent the First Year Class at the Association.

** Shared responsibility: The Administrative and Finance Coordinators share the responsibility of keeping record and archiving important Association documents during their mandate.

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