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To add your name to this growing list, please contact Perry Calce.
Some of our graduates include:



Alumnus, alumna



Angie Brazzan, Chargée de projet chez Regroupement des organismes du Montréal éthnique pour le Logement (CED)



Alina Murad, Advocacy & Media Relations Coordinator, The Refugee Centre (Immigration Certificate)



Aiden Noah Cyr, Schwarzman Scholar (SCPA)



Jaimie Fabian, McGill Law- EMSB -School Commissioner (SCPA)

Nicole Nashen, McGill Law (SCPA)



Alicia Ibarra-Lemay, M.A. INDI at Concordia & Research Assistant Land Based Education and Onkwehonwené:ha Research ( FPST)



Kathryn Nicassio, MPPPA Candidate at Concordia University & Researcher and Communications Officer at Center for Research-Action on Race Relations (CRARR)



Autumn Godwin, M.A. INDI Concordia (FPST)



Philippe Boucher, pursuing an M.A. in Criminologie Université de Montréal (FPST)



Gian Piero Paolitto, Public Relations / Communications / Strategy - Communications Coordinator at CN (SCPA)



Aranija Kathiresu, Conflict Resolution Student at Saint-Paul University (SCPA)



Lenka Mikulova-Marion, Partnerships & Business Development @CICan (SCPA)



Marsha Ma, PhD Candidate in Social Work at McGill University (SCPA)



David Demers, President at CNIB Frontier Accessibility (SCPA)



Anita Lambton, Engagement Coordinator at The Canadian CED Network. (SCPA & CED)



Tina Pisuktie, Executive Director, Southern Quebec Inuit Association. (SCPA)

Noémie Pomerleau-Cloutier - Award winning poet and literacy facilitator (CED)






Yves Alexandre Comeau, Director of External Communications at Le Fonds de solidarité FTQ (SCPA)



Naya Ali, Award winning rapper (SCPA)

Daniel Lamoureux, Commissioner at Riverside School Board and former President of the Board of QCGM (SCPA)

Antoine Dione-Charest, Vice-President, Consulting & Development at ADC Conseil (SCPA)

Indu Krishnamurthy, Executive Director, Microcredit Montréal (CED)



Christopher Skeete, Member of the National Assembly (CAQ) in the riding of St- Rose (SCPA)



Alexandra Rivard-Fradette, Senior Project Manager, New St. Paul's Hospital Redevelopment Project in British Columbia (SCPA)



Ryan Schwartz, Labour and Employment Lawyer at Gravel Avocats (SCPA)



Diana Leopardi, Lawyer at Scotia Wealth Management (SCPA)

Mandy Gull-Masty, Grand Chief of the Cree Nation of Eeyou Istchee (SCPA)

Fadwa Benmbarek, Chief Coordination and Operations-United Nations OCHA (SCPA)



Rebecca Blaikie, Executive Director of Norwest Coop Community Health (CED)



Desmond Bliek, Urban planner for the City of Calgary (SCPA)



Alexa Conradi, former President of Quebec Women’s Federation and is now Researcher. Writer. Team leader. Consultant. Educator. Facilitator in Berlin, Germany. (SCPA)

Mark Ordonselli, Director, Office of the Vice-Principal, Communications & External Relations at McGill University. (SCPA)

Alexis Deschenes, Lawyer and former journalist with TVA in Montreal. (SCPA)

Dr. Elsa Beaulieu, Trainer and Facilitator at Carrefour de Participation, Ressourcement et Formation and Part-Time Lecturer at Concordia University. (CED)

Michel Eric Corneau, President and Co-Founder of Eco Echo. (SCPA)



Ilona Dougherty, Managing Director, Youth & Innovation Project at University of Waterloo I Speaker I PhD Student I Ashoka Fellow. Ilona was also co-founder of Apathy is boring. (SCPA)

Amy Miller- A documentary filmmaker. (CED)



Eric Hébert-Daly, was previously National Executive Director, The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS). He also served as National Director of the New Democratic Party of Canada. Eric is now responsible for the ministries of the United Church in French. (SCPA)



Dominic Jean, Senior Innovation Policy Advisor, Innovation, Science &Technology, Global Affairs Canada (SCPA)



Daniel Jette, Senior Policy Advisor at Indigenous Services Canada. (SCPA)

Lawrence Muscant, Senior Vice-President at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies in Washington D.C.



Karine Kozubek, Director of operational efficiency at the National Bank (SCPA)






Daphne Weatherby, Corporate Affairs Lead at Bristol Myers Squibb. (SCPA)

Helene Buzzetti, Political Analyst at Radio-Canada and a Lecturer at l'Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO). (SCPA)

Lauren Small, Director, Business Planning and Management Services, Public Affairs and Communications Branch, Environment and Climate Change Canada. (SCPA)



Andrew McIntosh, Works at CFE and is an award-winning journalist. (SCPA)

Annie Prigge, Public Affairs Officer Asia Pacific Regional Planning and Coordination Unit. (SCPA)



Timothy Gardiner, Director General, Policy and Engagement, Regional Strategies at Natural Resources Canada. (SCPA)

Annick Robinson, Communications Lead - Services Operations North America    Alstom / Board of Directors - Women in Governance. (SCPA)

Bram Abramson, Commissioner Ontario Region, CRTC



Rosalind Raddatz, Associate Vice Provost, Academic Administration and Chief of Staff, Aga Khan University. (SCPA)

Dr. Ammon Salter, Professor of Technology and Innovation Management at the University of Warwick Business School. (SCPA)



Mario Dumont, broadcaster and former leader of L’action démocratique du Québec. (SCPA)

Désirée McGraw, Member of the National Assembly (LPQ) for Notre-Dame-De-Grâce (SCPA)



Rosa Diaz, social worker at Ste Justine Hospital. (SCPA)

Dr. Linda Blanshay, Director of Development-The Museum of Tolerance (Los Angeles) (SCPA)



Joseph Mastrogiuseppe, lawyer with Byers Casgrain in Montreal. (SCPA)

Theodora Samiotis, Principal, Voria Public Affairs Management. (SCPA)

Silvie Letendre, President Capital-Image. (SCPA)



Michel Desroches, is now working as an urban planner for the City of Vancouver. (SCPA)

Robert Valdmanis, President of Robert Valdmanis Consulting. (SCPA)

Bill Varvaris, Director General, Real Property and Environment Management, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Government of Canada. (SCPA)



Anne Cyr, Marketing and Promotion Consultant with Groupe TVA. (SCPA)

John Moore, Morning Show Host at Astral Media. (SCPA)

Rosalia Panarello, Jurist, Certified Mediator, Facilitator, International Law, Dispute Resolution & Peacemaking Practitioner



Pamela Nalewajek, Chief Marketing Officer at Dairy Farmers of Canada. (SCPA)



Ron Charles, Reporter for CBC television in Toronto. (SCPA)

Christopher Mostovac, tax litigator with the law firm of Starnino Mostovac. (SCPA)



Clem Srour, Managing Director, Tridus Strategies. (SCPA)

Genevieve Morin, President & Director General, Fondaction CSN (SCPA)

Frank Bradley, President & Chief Executive Officer at Electricity Canada. (SCPA)

Michael Di Grappa, Vice-President, Services & Sustainability at Concordia University. (SCPA)



Dr. Herminio Teixeira teaches Political Science at Nipissing University. (SCPA)

Lyne St-Jacques, Director General Fédération des sociétés d'histoire du Québec. (SCPA)



Michel Girard, Director of the International Affairs Division of the Climate Change Bureau of Environment Canada. (SCPA)

Andrij Hluchowecky, Senior Policy Analyst with the Government of Alberta. (SCPA)

Glen Murray was MPP for Toronto Centre and Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure government of Ontario as well as being the former Mayor of the City of Winnipeg. (SCPA)



Dr. Dorothy W. Williams, Historical Consultant/ Author/ Lecturer at Concordia University. (SCPA)

Jean-Charles Robillard, Director of Communications at Bell (Retired) (SCPA)

Rosa Venuta, Senior Advisor for Citizen and Patient Engagement at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). (SCPA) 

John Gancz, House of Commons of Canada Office of the Sergeant-at-Arms and Corporate Security. Member of the Board of Director Community Economic Development and Employability Corporation (CEDEC). (SCPA & CED).





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