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Life at the college

The Science College provides a unique forum where students interested in the sciences can prepare for a life of research, teaching or any challenging pursuit or profession in the sciences.

science college
The College is for students who:
  • are enrolled in one of Concordia University's science programs;
  • show a greater interest in and ability for science than the average students; and,
  • are highly motivated and want to prepare for a life of research, teaching or an equally demanding intellectual pursuit.

The College is a place where students share a physical space, a building, desks, and computers. It also provides an opportunity for students to get together over lunch. The atmosphere is science — whether it be wrestling with a problem together, talking with a teacher, or proposing a new idea for discussion. This type of social interaction is an all-important factor in the life of scientists — who spend a lot of their career interacting with others in the field — and is the best way to gain a real understanding of scientific problems. Students are encouraged to think for themselves, to help each other, and to learn from each other. All are seen as essential ingredients of an education.

Our research component is unique in Canada. Students are not just doing laboratory exercises. They are active and interested participants in the resolution of current scientific problems. This role both sharpens their understanding of science and gives them first-hand experience with what to expect from a scientific career. It has been our experience that the most interested and motivated students would rather do the research than view it from a distance.

Our unique courses complement the student's standard science curriculum by offering a wide variety of cross-disciplinary courses designed especially for Science College students.

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