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Job opportunities

There are presently no full-time positions open in the Department. Information about part-time teaching is below, and other openings may be found in the Facuty of Arts & Science page or the staff positions listings from the University (also below).

Part-Time Teaching

A listing of courses available for Part-time Faculty will be posted in the Department as follows:

February 1
Summer 2018
May 1 Fall 2018 & Winter 2019
October 1 Winter 2019

Part-time Faculty must submit their applications (Appendix H) by February 15, May 15, and October 15 for the summer, fall and winter semesters respectively (2018-2019 academic year).

Please visit the CUPFA web site and the part-time faculty processes (available on Cspace. Login required) for more information.

University Staff Opportunities

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