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Reclaiming the Galerie Stern, Düsseldorf

In the fall of 1937, Dr. Max Stern received what for two years he had hoped to avoid - a final letter from officials of the National Socialist government of Germany ordering the closure of the Galerie Stern. The forced sale of the contents of the Düsseldorf art gallery that the German-Jewish Stern family had operated successfully since 1913 occured on 13 November 1937. Auktion 392, with over 200 Northern European and Old Master works of ar under the gavel, was held at the Kunstauktionshaus Math. Lempertz in Cologne.

Auktion 392: Reclaiming the Galerie Stern, Düsseldorf, was an exhibition at the FOFA Gallery at Concordia University in October 2006 and then traveled internationally.

The exhibition and the accompanying catalouge, to which graduate students from the Department of Art History at Concordia University contribuited, was made possible through the support of the Stern Estate and its three principal beneficiaries: Concordia, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and McGill University. 

October 20 to November 12, 2006

FOFA Gallery Vernissage
October 23, 2006


Exhibition Catalogue Researchers
FOFA Gallery Coordinator: Lynn Beavis Lynn Beavis Alexandra Anber
Guest Curator: Catherine MacKenzie Clarence Epstein Anja Borck
Designer: Andrew Elvish Catherine MacKenzie Sheena Ellison
Education Coordinator: Piera Palluci Alexandra Anber Andria Hickey
Special Tours: Alexandra Anber Katie Apsey Sharon Murray
  Andria Hickey Kimberlie Robert
Technicians Sharon Murray Erandy Vergara
Oscar Varese Kimberlie Robert Marsha Taichman
Barry Allikas Designer: Andrew Elvis  
Andrew Harder   Research Consultants
David LaRiviere Translators Philip Dombowsky
Christopher Regimbal Alphonse Saumier Clarence Epstein
Ximena Holuige Monique Nadeau-Saumier Willi Korte
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