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An e-portfolio shows future employers, recruiters and selection committees what you can do and how you did it. This is kind of like blogging about your learning process while showing examples of what you have done (artefacts). There are lots of ways to do this and lots of platforms available to do it.

Not sure if this is right for you? Listen to Emily’s advice on why she uses an e-portfolio to showcase her work.

Emily tells us why e-portfolios are great.

Get Started and create your ePortfolio

  1. Use these tools to help you create artefacts.
  2. Highlight the skills you’ve developed.
  3. Check out some examples:         
  4. Build your ePortfolio! You may want to focus on your reflections and artefacts or go as far as designing a personalized website. You’ll decide what’s right for you, and here are a few options:
    • Build your own personal website: Wix, Google Sites, Wordpress
    • Padlet lets you choose a simple template where you can easily drop in artefacts and add reflections.
    • Publish your work on LinkedIn using blogging/posts
    • Instagram is great for visuals (think images and videos)
    • Github can help you publish your code publicly
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